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Lauren Cardona Original

Name: Lauren Mia Cardona
Aliases: Lor, Ren, Renny, and Lori.
Age: Eighteen
Birthdate: January 1st 2000
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Godparent: Apollo
Legacy: Janus

Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'5
Weight: 124
Body type: Ectomorph

Weapon(s): Long bow with imperial gold arrow tips. Imperial gold gladius. Imperial gold throwing needles. Imperial gold throwing axe.
Strengths: Ranged fighting, hand to hand combat, agility, accuracy, plant identification, tracking  and water purification.
Weaknesses: Melee attacks, navigation, map reading, heavy lifting, crafting, and endurance.
Powers: Musical infinity: Lauren is able to play any musical instrument given to her with fluency and grace.
Audiokinesis: Lor has the ability to whistle or sing at ultrasonic high pitch noises that can stun her opponent for up to thirty seconds. She can’t use it on the same person more than five times in a five minute span.
Immune to Heat: The daughter of Apollo is immune to hot temperatures, but she is not immune to fire and she can burn. Fun fact; she is also immune to being sun burned.
Truth Curse: She is incapable of lying when being asked a direct question. Lauren tends to hide this very well and never tells people of it. She’ll try to make her truths appear as if she may be fibbing if she has to, but all in all she will tell the truth regardless if you think she is or not.
Secret Entry: Lauren is able to detect any hidden passages, doorways, entryways, or gates within a fifteen foot radius.

Hobbies: Thieving, tracking, lock picking, playing instruments, mixing tapes, and collecting beanie babies. Not many know about the last one, she has a secret collection of them that she hides under her bunk in a trunk that has several different locks on it.
Likes: Things from the 80’s and 90’s, playing music, pulling pranks, lilies, french toast, bubblegum toothpaste, orange flavoured anything, a challenge, and a good sense of humour.
Dislikes: Mint toothpaste, losing, phony people, authority, snakes, pancakes, sunflowers, and rose gold anything.
Positive Traits:Adventurous, honest, funny and witty.
Negative Traits: Envious, vocal, sarcastic and hasty.

Parent: Camila Cardona
History: Camila Cardona was a legacy of Janus. Janus his her grandfather on her mother’s side, which gave her some godly powers. Camila had been in the fifth cohort while she had spent time in the legion. However she decided not to stay in the legion as she felt it made her life limited and held down. Camila had been interested in seeing more of the world and at any point if she felt like coming back to the community of New Rome she would. From there Camila had spent time working as a secretary at a dental office and eventually when she had the money she began to travel around the world.

Her favourite trip was when she got to ride on an elephant and it’s something she talks about to her daughter Lauren quite often. Camila has kept journals of each of her trips and all the wild things she had tried while living abroad. Eventually when she ended up visiting an old friend from the legion in Canada, she decided she liked the area and planned to stay a little while.

The little time she planned to spend there had passed and she found herself staying longer due to the fact she ended up pregnant with Lauren. Knowing that she would probably be staying in Quebec to raise her daughter Camila decided to take her journals and turn her journals into different stories to create a book. It was only when Lauren became two years old that Camila became published.

Growing up Lauren had a friend at all points in her life. Christian Moreau. Their mothers had been friends from “back in the day” apparently and they’d get together at least once a week with their children. Lauren had been almost five months older than Christian, but they still grew up doing reckless things.

For Lauren when she grew up, she always heard about all the daring and bold things her mother did when she was younger. All the adventures she had in the different places of the world and all Lauren could ever think at those times was that she wanted to live up to her mother’s legacy. She wanted to be able to have her own stories to tell. From there she had constantly began to test the waters on what she could and couldn’t get away with.

It wasn’t long until rules began to feel like a guideline to Lauren. Often times she’d play different pranks on her classmates in school and despite getting a few scolds from teacher’s she knew she wouldn’t get kicked out of school and having that in mind she felt like she had all the control and power. Lauren often spent time proposing her various schemes to Christian and asking if he wanted in on them; of course the exchange was a two way street.

At the age of eight and three quarters, which was sometime after Christian had time, she was recruited by Lupa and her wolves. From there she was taught how to survive and put her up to the test to see if she really was fit for the legion. After a few months she had managed to prove herself enough and had to adjust to her new life at camp.

From there she began working her way up in the legion. She had tried various different things choosing to be a little reckless and dangerous at times. It wasn’t long before she was given a wakeup call and was told that being dangerous and reckless was going to get her killed and that if she ever wanted to advance farther in the ranks she’d have to tone it down. With that she listened. Lauren got more serious and trained every day and fought harder and harder. Eventually when she was fourteen years old she became an opito. For the past four years she has continued to work harder and be there for whoever needed her and really proved herself to be part of the family that was cohort five. She’s wanted to be centurion for so long, but has always been short a few hairs from getting it.

FC: Victoria Moroles

[url=]Lauren Cardona[/url] - Female - Eighteen - Opito - Daughter of Apollo - Cohort 5 - Sorella
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