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Christian Moreau Tumblr_mm3tazzpQ51qd6cjto2_r1_500

Name: Christian Moreau
Age: Seventeen (April 28th, 2000)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Legacy Of: Mercury, god of thieves, communication, travel, and luck.
Mother: Abella Moreau, a child of Mercury. While formerly mischievous and relatively care-free, her personality changed after she had a child. Her addictive and controlling personality shines through deep, and was a very sharp tool against Christian's childhood when she grows up. Abella has an addiction to painkillers, and a dark history with her son and boyfriend.
Father: Nathan Roy, Christian's mortal father. He's a talented medical diagnostician, who never once was told about his son being a legacy or his girlfriend a demigod. Due to this lack of knowledge, common fights would break out about things he couldn't understand. This led to a very dysfunctional house, despite Nathan's typically lax attitude. He currently resides in jail, on charges involving over-prescribing painkillers.

Birthplace: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'11
Weight: 175
Body type: Ectomorph

Christian is generally a laid back person in life, which comes into clear sight watching his leadership style. He's lax with his people often, trusting that they don't need him to micromanage their lives. He tries to carry this into life at all times, to trust that people know what they're doing. Christian can be intense at times, and isn't afraid to take the ropes if necessary. As a child, he prioritized finding a sense of belonging and finding validation, which caused him to act out very commonly. As he grew up, he began to prioritize helping Cohort Five find a sense of belonging too. Christian finds a deep love and respect for underdogs and lower status folks, and sometimes finds the opposite for higher status folks, though has a few bonds that contradict that foundation arose later in his life.
- Sticky Fingers: A talent that sadly sits on a shelf and gathers dust, Christian was a great thief as a kid. Whether it came to shoplifting, pick-pocketing, or parlor tricks, Christian did a lot of stealing and mischief when he'd act out as a child. As a Centurion, he can no longer practice this. Although on occasion, it does come in handy. He even learned basic lock-picking and hot-wiring, though never stole a car until his days in the legion. While it was necessary to stay alive.
- Silver Tongue: Christian always knows what to say to convey his emotions, and often uses this to try and inspire others. During his earliest days in the Legion, some assumed this was a perk of being a child of Mercury. But Christian doesn't consider himself a manipulator, and hasn't tried to manipulate anyone since he was a little kid.
- Throwing Arm: While Christian does as much combat as the next Centurion, he prides himself on the pilum. He finds throwing things very natural, and has a lot of talent with it. Even with less traditional throwing weapons, like stars.
- Addictive Personality: While it typically doesn't fall unto other people, Christian developed an addictive personality at a young age. For nearly a decade he was a addicted to pain killers, and once he was over painkillers, the hole in his heart opened. He currently fills his need with his Centurion work, losing sleep and personal time without batting an eye. It fulfills him, in a way it hadn't when he had painkillers.
- Impulsive: Ironic to his job title, but fitting to his legacy title, Christian is prone to impulse. His mischievous attitude is possibly a derivative to this, as he often finds a hard time controlling himself to impulse. This arises more commonly during conflict than domestic times in his life.
- Scarification: Christian has several scars on his body of large note. Despite smaller and non-important ones, he has three of important note. These are major, and noticeable, and all are considered important events to him.
 + Bullet hole, just under the right side of Christian's chest. Given to him by his mom in a crazed state, during a fight about her abundantly clear addiction to painkillers. When Christian threatened to flush the pills, he was met with a bullet.
 + Slash mark, the left side of Christian's collar bone. The large mark was left there when attempting to dodge an attack from Carter Virgo, during his crazed state when he was under control by a cursed weapon.
 + Impaled hand, in a craze hostage situation at the former grounds of Black Creek, Christian was able to survive by blocking his own knife from coming at his throat. The only way, however, was to use the palm of his left hand. The knife went cleanly through, only stopping at the handle.

- Imperial Gold pilums. Christian's favorite weapons, and one of Rome's finest ranged weapons.
- Imperial Gold gladus. It isn't one of his more liked weapons, but Christian adapted to learn how to utilize it better when his people displayed a fondness for it.
- Imperial Gold pugio. While it fits Christian's style, he only typically carries it for Centurion ceremonial purposes.
- Imperial Gold folding tanto. When it comes to concealment in the mortal world, Christian much prefers this to his pugio.
- Imperial Gold handcuffs. While they aren't a weapon by definition, they're Christian's first tool to pick to carry with him. They offer a non-lethal option, and have come in handy more than he ever would have expected. He won them in a bet with one of his older Centurions.
- Christian practices with other weapons, as is standard for his duties, but these are the three he personally owns, carries, and modifies.
- Communication Capabilities: Christian can use computers, phones, or any other device that signals monsters to demigods and legacies without detection.
- Light Steps: Christian is more silent than other humans and demigods when it comes to the sound of his footstep. Even in a full sprint, his steps are like a feather dropping. If he intentionally is marching for drill or intimidation purposes, this doesn't occur.
- Dash: Christian is naturally quicker than other demigods. He can hold a pace of 25 miles per hour naturally, or 35 miles per hour at a full sprint.
- Unlock: Once every topic, Christian can unlock a safe or lock, even if it's too complicated to pick. This applies to electronic and physical locks.
- Currency Manipulation: Christian can manipulate currency to different values or types. So long as he has a dollar, he can make it appear to be a one-hundred dollar bill. Or, if he has a penny, he can make it look like a Canadian toonie, a coin worth two dollars. He can change currency to fit other systems of currency and other amounts. He can only do this once at a time, and the effects only last for thirty minutes. He can do this once per topic.
- Message: If Christian points at a living being, he can tell it a message. He has to at least whisper it, and so long as he does, the receiver can hear it loud and clear. The message decodes to the understanding of that being, but must be directly pointed at. He can do this three times per topic, with a three post cooldown.

Christian was born from a very shortly formed relationship between a French-Canadian demigod and a European doctor. Abella never told Nathan about her special lifestyle, but Nathan elected to stay and be a father. The couple dated and lived together, but there was never a marriage. Early on in Christian's life, he remembers a lot of fighting between the parents and their beliefs. Abella wanted her son to live under strict rules, based on his risks, but neither Nathan nor him could know about the reasons.

Due to the amount of fighting at home, and the dislike for the people around him, Christian resorted to acting out. Whether it was a cry of help or an act of resentment, he wasn't sure. His mother would scold him very hard for it when she found out. He'd do just about everything a troubled child could do, from pulling over the top pranks, stealing, breaking things, vandalizing, and causing problems for everyone involved. His mother was angry with him, whether he did these things or not. He didn't know at the time why she was so strict. He only found empathy from his father, who already worked all the time and was constantly attacked by his mother. Even then, it was rare he didn't feel sharp disappointment from the man.

Even as a kid, Christian spent time in principal's offices and police cruisers. He grew fond of trespassing and playing tricks on people, though usually harmless. The internet would give him even more inspiration, and he craved the approval he would get from acting out. All of this came to an abrupt end when he was eight, however. When, much to his mother's dismay and disapproval, Lupa's wolves showed up to teach him how to survive.

His mother, although heartbroken, was also very happy to see him go. The wolves went on to teach Christian what he needed to know, and before he hit the age of nine, he was in the only place he felt worse than Quebec: California. He made it to Camp Jupiter after what seemed like a lifetime of struggle and hardship. The child had stolen from his mother, from the pills she always took. Whenever he asked her about them, she'd called them her "happy pills" and took a small handful at a time. Christian, as a boy, figured he could use some happiness. Even at such a young age, that innocent choice led to what would be years of substance abuse.

His transition was somewhat smooth. He was a kid, and people treated him as though he was innocent. It was a feeling he wasn't used to, and he took advantage of it. He kept the bonds he made, and cooperated. Despite his impulse for pranks, he was able to keep them to a minimum, and never get caught by anyone, save the occasional whoopie cushion. He took his training serious for the most part. Taking care of his prank impulse in secret. People never suspected him, and he always worked hard enough that he was still an asset to the legion. Unlike his mom, Christian was determined. He wanted to serve his ten years.

Five years into his service, Christian had an exceptionally good name to himself, at least for his standards. He was given the honor of Centurion of Cohort 5. At the time, he was too proud of himself to think it through. He would be kept where he was for a long time, not being able to leave camp often at all. He accepted without question, and took on the roll. He spends his time at camp carrying out his responsibilities for his cohort.

Faceclaim: Max Thieriot
Notes: None

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