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Lennie Jackson Tumblr_ncup8eS2eb1u01e50o1_250
Name: Lindsey "Lennie" Jackson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

God Parent: Nerio, goddess of ancient war and valor.
Mortal Parent: Carl Jackson, a very loving single parent and police officer.

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Race: African-American

Skin Color: Dark Toned
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Body Type: Ectomorph

Lennie is full of positive outlook, whether you want to hear it or not, to talk with her is to get some of it. Her upbringing has brought out a sense of humbleness and kindness throughout her early childhood, and into her service in the legion. These traits help her encourage others, and herself, relentlessly pushing to improve herself, her friends, her Cohort, and her legion. It's her greatest goal to be remembered for what she did as a legion member.

Lennie is also a fierce combatant, somewhat reminiscent of two different personalities locked up in one head. Despite her kind and positive demeanor, she only knows basic first aid, and has always focused on her combat orientation over anything medical. She can go from insanely fierce and defensive to open and overly-caring in an instant, depending on the situation.
- Anatomy: Lennie can list everyone bone in the body, every organ, muscle group, what they do, and everything inside and out, all in one sitting.
- Multi-Lingual: Lennie can speak French, German, English, Spanish, Japanese, Latin, and Russian.
- Aroma Expert: Lennie's as talented with her nose as she is her eyes; one whiff and she can generally tell what food or candle is in front of her.
- Overly Kind: Lennie is far too kind for her own good, going out of her way to make everyone's day better. She's often kind to the point where strangers get annoyed by her. Consistently.
- Lack of Thinking: Lennie shoots first and asks questions later. If she sees a cat in trouble, even if a dozen monsters are waiting in a bush, she's still running into the scene to save the cat.
- Too Trusting: Lennie is far too trusting of strangers, and even people she knows to lie. Unless her brain knows something is a lie, she rarely considers that the person might be lying.

- Imperial Gold Pilums: Her usual weapon, taught from both of her centurions, Lennie loves the idea of being able to attack from a distance. She has a dozen of them, and keeps them in good shape. When using spear formations, she substitutes with fixed pilums.
- Imperial Gold Gladus: Lennie likes to keep sharp with her sword skills, in case she ever needs them. She has a standard gladus.
- Imperial Gold Hatchet: Lennie's guilty pleasure, her hatchet is a very unusual weapon for a Roman. Made of Imperial Gold, many people question the small weapon.
- Ancient Warfare: Due to her parentage, Lennie has a natural affinity for ancient combat. Mostly polearms, blades, and other ancient weapons. She's exceptionally talented with the sling, but never has the chance to show it off.
- Shell-Protection: As old as war itself, are intimidation tactics. Whether it's the use of larger people, fierce equipment, or extremely loud noises, Lennie does not get intimidated or shell shocked from such factors.

Lennie was born in a questionable part of Chicago to a single father, Carl. Her father met Nerio at a war museum one day, and they kicked off well. They dated for upwards of a month, but it ended abruptly, but not before Lennie was conceived. Nine months after Nerio left, a baby daughter was left on Carl's doorstep.

Growing up, Lennie could see how hard her father worked for her, and it determined Lennie to work just as hard for her father. The day Lennie went to school, she started putting her full effort into every little detail. Lennie wouldn't settle for any less than 100, and often times strived for more. This continued for the entirety of her childhood.

Carl couldn't have been more happy and proud of his daughter. He was impressed, with how smart and willing to include others his daughter was. On a nightly basis, he would tell his daughter how proud he was, and the bond between them was very strong. That never stopped.

One day, however, in Lennie's youth, she was contacted by Lupa's pack, and trained on the ways she would need to reach Camp Jupiter. She put her full spirit into it, but not before she explained what was happening to her dad. She, to this day, writes a letter to him every day, and visits whenever she can, though that rarely is applicable.

Faceclaim: Aja Naomi King

[url=]Lennie Jackson[/url] - Female - 16 - Optio - Daughter of Nerio - Cohort Five - Metaloneus
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