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on Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:55 am
Cassia Prescott  Tumblr_ns4c5iGztb1qbsvhso1_500

Name: Cassia Marie Prescott
Age: 18, September 18th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Faceclaim (Optional): Sarah Bolger

Place of Birth: New Rome
Race: Caucasian
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: five foot six.
Weight:  A hundred and twenty one pounds.
Body Type: Mesomorph.

God Parent: Vulcan legacy of Chione.
Mortal Parent: Cora Prescott.

Personality: Cassia has always been a kind and helping girl in the legion. She has given her hand out multiple times to others in the legion and anyone in Camp Jupiter. When others have been doubted she has put faith in them. She believes in the rule “Innocent until proven guilty” and she will do anything to try and help the case of another person. Genuinely looking out for people and making sure they’re safe and comfortable.

Along with this Cassia is very diplomatic and loves to talk about Roman politics while educating others about them in the process. She is very good at being neutral in most arguments and she cares deeply about New Rome and the traditions they hold. Cassia has good leadership qualities and she has been the fourth cohort centurion for quite some time now. She is always there for her cohort and has always stood up for them whenever she could. Cassia is calm but happy girl almost always having a smile on her face.

Much like most of the Prescott’s Cassia is very humble. She isn’t too boastful.
Talents: Knitting, repairing things, inventing, and map-making.
Flaws: She can be too trusting at times with others and puts too much faith in people, paranoid, and addicted to xanax.

Weapons: Cassia has an imperial gold gladius as well as a pugio.
Abilities: Due to her having Chione in her lineage, she possess very light ice powers. She is able to make little ice daggers. She can also withstand any cold temperature
Cassia being a daughter of Vulcan has also given her the ability to be able to withstand hot temperatures. Powers: She is able to conjure up small flames in her palms if she concentrates hard enough.
Cassia also can use multiple tools and make a variety of things.

History: The Prescott family has been around in New Rome for at least six generations. Starting all the way back to Nolan Giroux. From there he went on to have three daughter, thus not carrying down the family name. Instead one of his daughters married off to the Prescott family.  Through there a lot of their formalities and traditions were upheld in their family and often felt that Rome should stay traditional.

The Prescott family has always been a charitable family. They do a lot of volunteer work for the better of other people. They often make the usual sacrifices to the gods, especially Jupiter himself. They have the highest respect for Jupiter and any of his children. The Prescott family is very diplomatic and graceful. Often times humble. They do not believe in having their rank tell them how good they are, it is something you work for and you earn. Which is why a lot of the time even though the family could write their children into the first cohort easily, they don’t. They recommend their children get placed into the fourth most often than not.

Every year the Prescott family gets together with some of the other big families in New Rome to celebrate religious festivities that were once celebrated way back when. They like to stay true to the Roman traditions. Hence partaking in Ludi. Which is public games that are held. Most days that involves chariot racing, animal hunts, and gladiatorial fights. It was all part of their family tradition and the Roman tradition. Something they do every September. They even host it for the whole camp at some points if there is enough interest.

Continuing on with traditions that the Prescotts’ uphold. Is the one in birth of their children. It started out back in ancient Rome, due to the lack in medical enhancements. Usually newborns didn’t last about a week, if they made it to eight or nine days they were considered part of the family and then given a name. There were many practices in that. One of them being the baby is put on the ground and raised to the sky by the father, or in the case of the newest generation of Prescott’s it was their mother that did it. Lastly the children were given an amulet. Bulla for boys and lunula for girls. This was given to them during this period to protect them from evil. Something that the Prescott’s still do to this day. Often times children keep those amulets and still have them.

Many other forms of traditions have carried through with the Prescotts as time has gone by.

All members of this family have been highly regarded. They are known for being one of the older and more high class families. Most people in the Prescott family tend to stay in the legion past their ten years of service and enjoy working in fields such as law, medical, and teaching. If Prescott’s do not fall into a leadership position they usually take up pride in being a medic. Some have done both in their time in the legion.

Cassia herself has been in the legion since she was about the age of ten. She resides in the fourth cohort and is a centurion.

[url=]Cassia Prescott[/url] - Female - 18 - Centurion - Daughter of Vulcan - Cohort 4 - Sorella
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on Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:02 pm

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