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Laurel Zimmerman Tumblr_oasoi6mAGj1qbngkjo2_500

Laurel Zimmerman

NAME: Laurel Zimmerman
AGE: 18
GENDER: female
FACECLAIM: Britt Robertson

HEIGHT: 5’3”
WEIGHT: 110lbs
BODY TYPE: lean mean fighting machine

Aesculapius (2nd gen), Pax (3rd gen), Aurora (4th gen), Apollo (4th gen)
MORTAL/DEMIGOD PARENT: Cassandra Zimmerman (nee Matthews) daughter of Aesculapius. Doctor at the hospital in New Rome. Joe Zimmerman, legacy of pax, aurora and apollo. Used to be the dude that dealt w prophecies at Camp. Laurel comes from a long line of those dudes.
Laurel has one sibling, Charlotte Zimmerman. Lottie’s 24 and in college. They’re tight.

POWERS: Laurel has the ability to heal. She can heal minor wounds 5x per topic, medium wounds like sprains, and gashes 3x per topic, and can heal a major would 1x per topic, thanks to Aesculapius. Thanks to Aurora and Apollo, Laurel can create a soft ball of light like 10x a topic, and control it at her will. It doesn’t get very bright and it doesn’t do any damage.
ABILITIES: Thanks to Pax Laurel is pretty level headed during battle.
PERSONALITY: Laurel is easy going and fun to be around. She’s constantly making jokes and not taking things as seriously as she should. She’s actually pretty level headed and focused, she just chooses not to apply it. She thinks life is about having fun. Her sense of humor is less dry, more poking fun. She can be sarcastic, but it’s usually not to be mean. She actually isn’t really about being mean to people.
TALENTS: Laurel is really great at cracking jokes. At least she thinks she is. Probably won’t be doing stand up any time soon. She can play the ukulele. She’s got pretty good aim, and has pretty advanced fight training. She’s also great at dealing with people and teaching, even if her methods are unconventional.
FLAWS: Laurel doesn’t seem to take anything seriously, and many people think she slacks off. She usually isn’t forthcoming about her personal stuff and serious things. Her jokes can be p awful. Also, she cries really easily??? It’s weird, she cries at like every emotional scene in a movie, and then makes fun of herself the entire time.
WEAPON: Laurel has two different weapons. Being a legacy of apollo, she’s allowed to use a bow and arrow, although she doesn’t use it primarily. Usually she uses a spatha, imperial gold.

HISTORY (AT LEAST FIVE SENTENCES): Laurel grew up in New Rome, and has always known about the life of demigods. Being a very big mix of deities, she never really knew what she was gonna turn out as. Turns out, she has a little bit of everything. She comes from a long line of Augurs, although she was never given the gift of prophecy. She doesn’t really understand what it entails, other than staring at flames and being mysterious. Her family trained her for a life of service to the 12th legion. Its no wonder that when she entered she made 1st cohort. However after that people seemed to think she was distracted and lazy. She personally just thought that they should have fun while doing drills or like, not hate life. Even she was suprised when she made Opito when she was 13, and then again when she made centurion at 15. She’s been serving for three years now, and has shown that she can, in fact, teach her cohort what it needs to learn and ensure that everyone’s having fun.
COHORT: First.
NOTES: nah

[url=]Laurel Zimmerman[/url] - female - 18 - Centurion - Legacy Of Apollo, Aurora, Pax and Aesculapius - Cohort One - Sarenrae
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