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Liam Davenport 9109c3b78b854ff6aab6bf332944a545
Name: Liam Taylor Davenport
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexuality: heterosexual

God Parent: He thinks its Bellona like his sister, but it’s not. As of now its “unknown”
Legacy Of: Victoria
Mortal Parent: Michael Davenport. A horrible human being.
Other Family: one sister, Rowan Davenport, 17 years old, 2nd cohort, ex-Centurion.

Birthplace: New Rome, California
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: white
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: blue
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 156lbs
Body type: mesomorph

Growing up, Liam had been a very outgoing child. As he grew older, he turned more serious. Liam is very good in bad situations, he doesn’t lose his cool easily. Much too his father’s dismay, he isn’t much of a fighter. Granted he is very skilled from years of training, he would just rather not have too.
Liam tends to take on too much, as he often feels that he has to prove something, even when he doesn’t have too, it often leads to mixed results.

*any type of combat

Flaws(at least 3):
*overprotective. Mostly of his friends and sister

Weapons (Imperial Gold): Liam was trained to use multiple types of weapons. But he mostly relies on his IG twin swords.

*Liam is a natural born strategist. Put him in any situation, and he’ll be able to come up with multiple strategies in just a couple minutes.
*has the ability to be able to foresee victories. It's more of a feeling, then actually knowing
*He knows everything about a weapon when she sees it.

Powers: n/a

History (At Least Three Sentences):
Liam grew up in New Rome. He joined the Legion at the age of ten, and eventually became first cohorts Centurion. He’ll probably retire after his nineteenth birthday.
Even though Liam grew up in a large, beautiful mansion, it didn’t mean that his life was perfect. His father was as a strict man and had started training him and his sister at an early age. He wasn’t easy on them either, and the training could and would happen at anytime.
For some reason Michael Davenport holds an extra amount of hate for his son. The older man constantly abused Liam both mentally and physically. But never enough for it to be proven.

Faceclaim (if applicable): Liam Hemsworth (yes Liam is Liam get over it)

[url=]Liam Davenport[/url] - male - 18 - Centurion  - Victoria/Bellona - cohort 1 - Frankie

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