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Sophia Virgo Tumblr_my4wl2Fdsc1sy2j4jo6_250

Name: Sophia Virgo
Age: 15
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual/demisexual

God Parent: Mars
Legacy of: Volturnus
Mortal Parent: Julia Virgo
Other Family: an older sister, Aspen(17). and an older brother, (19)

Birthplace: New Rome
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: white, tans easily
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 112lbs
Body type: thin, athletic


Flaws(at least 3):
*Loud and impulsive
*Over-protective of her friends and family
*She also has a weird fear of ALL bugs.

Weapons (celestial bronze, imperial gold, or stygian iron): IG sword, she’s also fairly good with bow and arrows.
*She can breathe underwater
*talk to sea creatures
*she is 15% stronger and resistant to injury while in water.
*She knows everything about a weapon when she sees it.
*Odikinesis: Sophia has slight control over feelings and emotions of war (such as hate and rage), and can frequently induces them in order to start fights. (once a topic)
*She can conjure and use any weapon. (three times a topic)
*She can curse another person’s weapons. (twice a topic)

Personality: Sophia is very care-free and outgoing, and is not afraid to speak her mind on anything. She tends to be impulsive and lets her feelings control her decisions, usually when someone she cares for is in danger. She is a born-leader, who most find easy to follow.

History (at least three sentences): Sophia was born into a powerful New Rome family. She has grown up in New Rome, and had never really left until after she joined the Legion. She is the youngest of two older siblings, and she may have been a bit spoiled when she was young. While she is close to both of her siblings, she admires her older sister the most.
At the age of eight, Sophia passed Lupa’s tests and joined the legion where she was placed into the second cohort. She quickly climbed the ranks, and eventually became one of the youngest Centurions ever, at the age of ten.

Faceclaim (if applicable): Hailee Steinfield

[url=]Sophia Virgo[/url] - female - 15 - Centurion  - Daughter of Mars, Legacy Of Volturnus - 2nd Cohort - Frankie

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