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Silas Julius  Giphy

Name: Silas Oliver Julius
Age: 16
Gender: male
Sexuality: demisexual

Legacy Of: He is the first generation legacy of Letus, and a third generation legacy of Honos and Fides
Mother: Rebecca Julius
Father: Magnus Julius
Other Family: Has an older sister named Natalia, and an older brother named Linus. Also has four older cousins, Amara and Felix, Marina, and Lenora

Birthplace: New Rome
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: white
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Height: 6ft
Weight: 130lbs
Body type: inbetween echtomorph and mesomorph

Personality: Silas can be described as being very awkward. He isn't always a very confident person, and usually has a hard time making friends. Most of his awkwardness and confidence issues come from his stuttering impediment that he's had since he was born. Though he's actually a nice and even funny person once people take the time to get to know him.

* most sports
* writing
* honesty

Flaws(at least 3):
* Stutters (its something that has gotten fairly better as he's grown up, but still causes problems for him every once in a while)
* He's blind in his left eye. (I possibly want to make him blind in both eyes, but idk yet.)
* Talks in his sleep and sleep walks (Proves to be quite comical in some situations.)
* Horrible liar

Weapons (Imperial Gold): IG knives

*Invisibility- its more of a power, but I'm considering it an ability right now, because he doesn't know how to control it yet.
*He can see and talk to ghosts. (his house is haunted AF)

*He can summon up to 15 skeletons, twice a topic, anymore than that and he'll pass out from overexertion of his powers
*Shadow Travel: Silas can basically go anywhere he wants, but anything further than 10 miles and he gets either (20miles)dizzy, (30 miles)sick, or (anything over than 30 miles)can pass out. Depending on how far... also, only once a topic.
*He can see life auras with his left eye only(Tis why he's blind in that eye). He doesn't get much from what he sees with it, but judging by the color he can pretty much tell when they might die, but since auras change depending on situations he'll never know for sure. (Ex. someones in a dangerous/deadly situation, so their aura is red. But they manage to survive it, so their aura is back to its normal color)

History (At Least Three Sentences):
Silas was born into an old and traditional New Rome family. He joined the legion at the age of ten and was placed into the 3rd cohort, where he eventually became Opito(?).
Unlike most, Silas hadn't been born with all of his powers. He either gained them over time or just never knew they existed until he accidentally used them. At the age of five a sharp pain behind his left eye woke him up. He found his pillow covered with blood and that the pain wasn't going away. He doesn't remember much from that night, except that he was left blind, and with the ability to see peoples life forces. He's told there's always a chance that the same thing could happen to his other eye, and he's secretly terrified of never being able to see normally again.
His grandfather is probably the only one in his family that Silas does not like being around. The old man causes him a large amount of anxiety and stress, which makes him stutter, which then causes his grandfather to be annoyed, and thus makes the stuttering even worse.
Aside from his grandfather, Silas is fairly well-liked by the rest of his family, and while he and his older siblings fought a lot growing up, he's now very close to both of them. His mother, a daughter of Letus blames herself for her son’s blind eye, because she was the one that passed down the power genes to him.

Faceclaim (if applicable): Matt Lanter

[url=]Silas Julius[/url] - male - 16 - Legionnaire - Legacy Of Letus, Fides, and Honos- 3rd Cohort - Frankie

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