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on Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:22 pm
Aspen Virgo Tumblr_nhbw0olVyK1r900yso1_250Aspen Virgo Tumblr_nlnvnvyS6a1r900yso4_250

Name: Aspen Luciana Virgo
Age: 18
Birth Date: November 1
Gender: Female
Sexuality: heterosexual

Legacy Of: Jupiter and Volturnus.
Mortal Parents: Zoey Sinclair and Anthony Virgo.
Other Family: Eli Virgo, Sophia Virgo are her cousins

Birthplace: New Rome.
Race: Caucasian.

Skin Color: Fair.
Hair Color: Brown.
Eye Color: Blue.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 119 lbs.
Body type: Slender and toned.

Personality:The legacy of Victoria is well known around the camp. Not only is she a family member of the Virgo family, but through her tedious efforts she has been making a name for herself that is entirely different from her family and has nothing to do with them. She's been determined to stand out on her own and let her success be the speaker of her reputation for her. The girl is deadly stubborn and will not bow down to any fight or challenge that she takes on. If she has to she will train until she collapses from exhaustion and keep going.

Aspen is a rather independent individual. She has always been good at getting what she wanted and doing what she needed to do on her own. From the time she was three years old she was dressing herself and choosing what clothes she wanted to wear and eventually became very opinionated and stuck to what her mind and gut told her. Despite being rather independent and doing things for herself, the girl was good with doing team work. Being thrown into the legion at a young age she was able to get used to a team setting and working with others, especially when she had become a medic.
Talents: Sword play, Strategies, and painting.
Flaws(at least 3): Jealousy, stubborn, and blunt.

Weapons: Aspen wields two one handed swords that have imperial gold blades. She also has a series of throwing knives with imperial gold blades. Lastly she has a dagger with an imperial gold blade. (She is very will versed in other weapons as well, but she prefers blades.)
Abilities: Can heal small wounds with river water.
Powers: Being a legacy of Victoria she is able to influence a fight in favour of which ever side she pleases. She is able to do this because Victoria usual oversaw/determined who would remain victorious in a fight. Her influence will not make or break a fight, but it could. It's not 100%

History: Aspen grew up as the middle child in the Virgo household. Before her was an older brother and after her was her younger sister. Being the middle child often meant that you were more neglected from the others and so it left Aspen a lot of time for herself. She could remember her older brother being taught many things and told how he'd be carrying the bloodline, and she watched as soon as her little sister was born all the attention went on her. The legacy of Volturnus would work on herself in the time that she could. She would practice in the field of mars and she would work on her paintings. Art had always been one of Aspen's passions and she'd sit up in her room for hours and paint whatever came to mind. She's sold a few pieces in New Rome, but nothing major.

Aspen was about seven years old when Lupa came to get her and train her. It was only a fifteen days after that, that Aspen was able to join in at the legion and she was placed into the third cohort. Little does she know it was due to the fact that she was only just a legacy of Voltunus and Jupiter. From there it was when she was the age of ten that she decided to train as a medic and did so for the next four years before she had left on a combat mission and came back successful having done some heroic deeds. She was moved up to Centurion at the age of thirteen and began to lead her cohort into some fierce but forgiving training.

At the age of seventeen around December 18th she left on a high level combat missions with a small force of people from her cohort. After a couple months of no word from the group it was presumed that Aspen and the others had died and they wouldn't be returning. The legacy of Jupiter makes her return on New Years Day and it was found that her and her group was victorious about two lives had been lost.

Faceclaim: Marie Avgeropoulos.
[url=]Aspen Virgo[/url] - Female - 18 - Centurion - Legacy of Victoria - Cohort 3 - Sorella

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