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The Prescotts are possibly the oldest active family in the modern days of New Rome, slanting back many generations. The Prescotts hold many old Roman traditions, and play a large part in the community of New Rome. The Prescott’s head of house is Cora Prescott, a legacy of Chione. Her children are all children of Vulcan. As a sign of good faith to Rome, and their commitment to helping it, a long standing Prescott tradition is to write a letter of recommendation to the legion, but request their children be put in a lower Cohort, to help raise them up. Usually, they end up in Cohort Four.

notable figures


cohort 4 centuriondaughter of vulcan, legacy of chione Sorella - form


cohort 4 legionnairedaughter of vulcan, legacy of chione Sorella - form


cohort 4 legionnaireson of vulcan, legacy of chione Metaloneus - form


cohort 4 legionnaireDaughter of Tempetes, legacy of chione Open - form


cohort 4 legionnaireson of Tempetes, legacy of chione Open - form


Although the Julius' family hasn't been present in New Rome for as long as some other families, they still have three generations under their belt. Overseen by Patrick Julius, a prominent judge in New Rome, the Julius family is known for their focus on traditional roman values. It is very hard to be accepted by this family, and many members have been shunned by the patriarch. Members of this family can be found throughout the cohorts, depending on how much Patrick approves of them.

notable figures


1st cohort legionnairelegacy of fides, honos, and justitiasarenrae - form


1st cohort legionnairelegacy of fides, honos, and justitiaMetaloneus - form


3rd cohort legionnairelegacy of fides, honos, and letusFrankie - form


Like the Davenports, the Virgos are a newer family in New Rome. Their head of household is Julia Virgo who formerly was the centurion of the second cohort. Currently she’s usually busy running her own law firm, which has generated a lot of wealth over the years. The Virgos are well known for said wealth as well as being a highly respected family based on Julia’s work done while in the legion. Members of the Virgo family usually end up in the second cohort and tend to be a hard working family.

notable figures


1st cohort legionnaireson of mars legacy of volturnus npc - form


3rd cohort centurionlegacy of volturnus and victoriaSorella - form


second cohort centuriondaughter of mars legacy of volturnusFrankie - form


The Davenports are a very new family in New Rome. However, they’re mostly known for their head of house, Michael Davenport, who invested in property and infrastructure in New Rome, and now has several outlets of wealth and leverage among the magical city. Michael pushes his kids to be the best they can be, in combat, education, and posture, even if he has to be more fierce than a parent should be. The children of the Davenport house are children of Bellona and legacies of Victoria, a combination Michael is very proud of.

notable figures


first cohort centurionson of minerva, legacy of victoriafrankie - form


second cohort legionnairedaughter of bellona, legacy of victoriasarenrae - form
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