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Summer Ramsden Eaf434189a05aa628e139bf1b660faaf

Name: Summer Lydia Ramsden
Aliases: She just goes by Summer.
Age: 16
Birth Date: August 5th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Godparent: Demeter

Skin tone: Pale
Hair Colour: Light blonde.
Eye Colour: light blue.
Height: Five foot one.
Weight: A hundred and twelve pounds.
Body Type: Mesomorph.

Weapon(s): Bow and arrows. The arrows have celestial bronze tips. She also owns a dagger with a celestial bronze blade.
Strengths: Hunting, tracking, climbing trees, and baking.
Weaknesses: Heavy objects, running long distances, people who need help, and hand to hand combat.
Powers: She can talk to plants of all sorts, even trees.
She is able to restore dying plants.
Summer can make them grow at an accelerated pace.
Summer can gain control over trees and bushes if need be.

Hobbies: Tending to the strawberry fields, exploring new trails in the woods, reading books, and baking.
Likes: The smell of lavender, hunting for her own meat, adventures, deer, wildlife in general, wildflowers, organic things, and well thought out gifts.
Dislikes: Candy, being yelled at, the smell of gasoline, pipelines, cherry pie, the sound of doves, and staying up late.
Positive Traits: Bubbly, optimistic, and candid.
Negative Traits: Indecisive, gullible, and overemotional.

Parent: Grant Ramsden.
History: Summer was the second born of two girls on the homestead that belonged to Grant Ramsden, the first born being Hazel Ramsden who was four years old at the time of Summer’s birth. Grant had a wife named Rebecca at the time who was Hazel’s birth mother and the two of them had worked together on the place they now call home. They live up in the Canadian province known as the Yukon and it is up there where they made their home log cabin that they would continue to raise their daughters in.

Growing up Summer was taught the ropes of farming and taking care of crops. It was something that she started off doing by just watering them with her little watering can running between the rows and of course she also started with harvesting when it was time. As she got older she only got more and more responsibilities that she grew to have an aptitude for and grew to have a big love for. Summer had always been drawn to the plants and often would spend hours talking to them because she felt like it made a difference and would always claim the crops always tasted best when she talked to them.

It was around the age of five that she had learned to do one of her favourite past times, baking. Everything she made was always made by scratch and that she was always proud of. Often times when her and her family would pack up their things to go sell some stuff at a local market, Summer would bring the cookies she made and they usually sold out within an hour of being set up.

There was nothing that Summer had enjoyed more than being on the homestead, whether that was hunting for food or growing it, or even making it. No matter where she goes the outdoors will always feel like home to her.

When she was the age of twelve she had been found by satyr and that was when she went off to camp.

Fc: Emily Kinney

[url=]Summer Ramsden[/url] - Female - 16 - Daughter of Demeter - Sorella
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