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Name: Megan Stephanie Cooper
Aliases: Meg, Meggie, and any variation. She
Age: Looks 19, actually 37.
Birthdate: September 26th, 1980.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Before she joined the hunt she was secretive about it, but she was homosexual.
Godparent: None.

Skin tone: Pale.
Hair Colour: Ginger.
Eye Colour: Blue.
Height: Five foot eight.
Weight: A hundred and thirty three pounds.
Body Type: Mesomorph.

Weapon: Bow and arrow and two dual one handed swords.
Strengths: Knot tying, swordsmanship, building fire, and hunting.
Weaknesses: Scouting, healing, shelter making, and plant identification.
Powers: N/A

Hobbies: Puzzles, origami, travelling, and reading fantasy novels.
Likes: Challenges, smell of pine, grouse meat, rain, hard workers, fantasy novels, riddles, and mugs.
Dislikes:Laziness, quitters, squirrel meat, her parents, feeling lonely, alcohol, and the sunshine.
Positive Traits: Imaginative, adaptable, and hard working.
Negative Traits: Sarcastic, boastful, and vulgar.

Parents: Lewis and Jodi Cooper.
History: Megan Cooper was the only child of Lewis and Jodi. Lewis worked as a bank teller and his wife worked as a nurse. Lewis wasn’t home very often as he was out playing poker or gambling his money away to try to get more money for the family. Due to this it was very rare that Megan would ever see either of her parents and often used her own means to try and entertain herself. Meg has gone several nights without dinner simply because they either had no money or no one was ever really around to feed her.

Her mother was a drunk among many other things that Megan had caught onto quite early. She would get off work at seven in the morning and open the bottle of whisky she had just bought from the store and lay on the couch drinking it until she passed out. It was up to Megan to get herself up for school and to make sure she got there on time. Unfortunately because of her home life she didn’t do the greatest in school and she just floated on by without any mention or notice. Megan knew from there that it’d be a cruel and lonely world.

Upon graduation from high school she took a six month course to get into a secretarial job, after doing her practicum with a local law firm she was immediately hired and began to work as hard as she could to be seen as an asset and to not fall into the deep holes that her parents had fallen into. After she moved out she never spoke to her parents again, but she couldn’t help feeling lonely in the world which eventually led to her wanting to try and move on in another way, but one night when she was walking around she ran into a girl who she got into talking about her life. She was asked if she wanted to have a chance to change it. From there Megan began to work with her to prove her strength and abilities.

It wasn’t too long after that, that she had met Artemis and was asked to join the hunt and she accepted leaving her old life behind. Through being in the hunt Megan has found the companionship and bonds that she’s needed in life and she couldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. Her loyalty lies with the hunters of Artemis and Artemis herself.

Fc: Rose Leslie

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