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on Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:20 pm
Elyse Halliwell Tumblr_inline_omjm7wc5vM1t0408n_500Elyse Halliwell Tumblr_inline_omjm9refLr1t0408n_500

Name: Elyse Halliwell
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Gay

Legacy Of: Bacchus, Cymopoleia
Mother: Olivia Juarez daughter of Bacchus. Olivia runs a daycare in New Rome.
Father: Harvey Halliwell, son of Cymopoleia. His name is ironic now. He’s a meteorologist on the New Rome local news.
Other Family: One sister, Brooke. She’s 10 yo. She was a bit of an accident.

Birthplace: New Rome, USA
Race: Half mexican

Skin Color: Tan
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 110lbs
Body type: lean

Idealistic (perfectionist)
Highly competative
Talents: preparing, winning, longboarding

Weapons (Imperial Gold): imperial gold gladius
Abilities: Can’t get drunk. Well, she can if she tried really really hard. Like 4x a normal amount for her weight.
Powers: Can turn water into wine. She can usually specify the type. Can create about 4 gallons worth per topic. She can also create storms. These storms can be big, up to a 250 foot radius with her at the epicenter. These storms include a low cloud cover, pounding rain, and high winds reaching up to 30 mph. They can last for up to fifteen minutes. She can do this 1-4 times per topic depending on the severity of the storm.

History (At Least Three Sentences): Elyse grew up in New Rome in an italian style apartment. She always knew she was a legacy, and her parents had a bet going to see which powers she would get. Turns out, she got them both. She led a pretty normal life for a New Rome kid. Her parents were embarrassing, she made friends at school, she dreamed of her future life in the legion. Although she had reference letters, she chose to go into cohort five, which is her parent’s cohort. She has no plans of going for leadership. She’s served 5 of her 10 years.

Faceclaim (if applicable): seychelle gabriel
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