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Cliff Masterson Original

Name: Cliff Noah Masterson
Aliases: Masterson is something he often gets referred to by.
Age: Seventeen.
Birth Date: June 28th 2000
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Legacies: Nemesis and Pax. (Both 3rd gen)

Skin tone: Pale
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green.
Height:Five foot ten.
Weight:A hundred and forty nine pounds.
Body Type: Mesomorph.

Weapon(s): Two imperial gold bladed daggers and multiple throwing knives.
Strengths: Endurance, agility, hand to hand combat, and stealth.
Weaknesses:Fighting with long swords, front line fighting, teamwork, and hunting.
Powers: None.

Hobbies: Coding, writing, hacking, and smoking.
Personality: Cliff despite his outwardly appearances is a fairly big softie. Part of him feels broken and confused inside over the tragedy in his small family and in some ways parts of him feels like that can’t be replaced. He has come to terms with the fact that he more than likely will always be casted aside for people’s selfish needs in life and through that he has become quite selfless in the things that he does, always doing things for others and never expecting a penny in return. He offers the kind of help he wished he’d had at one point, because the young fellow does believe in karma and wants to have incredibly good karma.

He can be a bit hot headed at times and flip a switch in a manner of minutes getting mad at things, but he always means well and more often than not sadness is a fuel for the anger that arises out of anything, or it is just frustration over things. He tries to act like he doesn’t care to most people, that he’s just a carefree guy floating around in the world, but he does have sensitivities and things do tug at his heart strings. He’s good at conveying no emotions even when he feels them a lot. He doesn’t like to let people in very often, or in to a deep spot in his heart, because part of him is afraid he’ll just lose everyone at one point or another.

People can say anything that they want, but Cliff usually has a good handle on things and is level headed in his thoughts and actions and has a great deal of perception that can often be sought out by his friends.

Parents: Noah and Kaia Masterson.
History: Cliff had a fairly happy childhood. He had two loving parents who had loved him so much and gave him almost everything that they could afford, which at times that meant making forts out of cardboard boxes and using their imagination. Noah was a writer and often times he liked to promote that sort of creativity into his son in whatever way possible. Him and his wife met through a creative passion that they shared which was baking. Together they ran their own bakery where they mostly did birthday and wedding cake designs, of course they sold some other things on the side as well to make up some money.

The legacy himself had never been too good at baking, they tried over and over again, but it was something Cliff could never get into, something that didn’t appeal to him. Of course when it came around to it, Cliff desperately asked for a computer as he had spent so much time at school with them that he felt he could do some really creative things with one. He had begged and begged for them to buy him a computer when he was the age of seven. Eventually at Christmas time her was gifted a nice brand new laptop and Cliff never understood how they could afford it. Cliff had often grown up in the household hearing how there wasn’t enough money to fund different things and that they were probably going to have to live on the street at one point.

Kaia had at one point turned vicious. She had asked Noah to deliver a special cake for her, while carrying the cake out of the car it had fallen and broke into pieces and on the inside there were little baggies filled with different pills and white powder. Noah demanded to know what they were and wanted answers. Kaia wouldn’t give them to him and remained silent.

Cliff had continued to hear fights from that point on about what to do. That Noah wanted to get her to stop and that she had to stop in order to provide for the family and she’d always retort that she was providing for the family. One day it got so bad that when Cliff came home from school that he had heard the gunshot outside of his door. Immediately before he could enter the apartment building his neighbour pulled him inside and they called the cops. The door had to get busted down, and his mother had been arrested and would eventually be put on trial for the murder of her husband.

At the age of nine he had been living on his own. He lived in the apartment that his family had spent all their time living together. The heat and hot water had been cut off and same with the electricity. Whenever he wanted to charge his laptop he’d do it at school or go out into the hallway, but part of him couldn’t leave the home. One would have been as far as possible from it, but part of him felt at peace with what had happened while the other was enraged and wanted revenge on what his mother did.

For years he channeled this rage into something else, he did a ton of coding and work on websites getting the odd paycheque here and there after hacking into the wifi of his neighbour. Often times she’d leave food outside of his apartment door. This went on for years while he raised himself, until the day he was going to go see his mom in jail.

He was approached by Lupa and her wolves at the age of thirteen and from there he did the training that was necessary. He later arrived at Camp Jupiter and immediately was claimed by Nemesis, and almost discarded into the throw away pile known as cohort five. Cliff was okay with it though, he was used to being thrown away at this point where people decided his life without even asking him what he wanted.

Cliff has been in the legion for almost five years now and he does have a girlfriend already. Melanie Prevost, daughter of Mercury. (fc Lili reinhart)

Speech colour: #0099cc

Fc: Cole Sprouse.

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