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Name: Chloe Alice Clark-Morin
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

God Parent: Venus, Roman goddess of love, beauty, and fertility
Mortal Parent: Connor Morin Sr.
Other Family:
>>Twin Brother, Connor

Birthplace: Orlando, Florida, USA
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Race: Black and Jewish

Skin Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Brown, usually with pink highlights
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’3’’
Weight: 115 lbs
Body type: Slim

Personality: Chloe is quiet and tries to be totally independent. She has been shoved around enough in her life to get to dependent on anyone. When she gets pushed around, though, Chloe is confident enough to stand up for herself and won’t let people treat her bad. Chloe is a Slytherin. She is ambitious, and a bit of a dreamer. The legion has taught her a sense of family, but she still has issues trusting people.
>>Dirt Biking
>>Doesn’t Trust People
>>Gets Angry Easily

Weapons: Traditional Roman gladius and a set of throwing knives
>>Can change her own hair at will
>>If she’s touching someone else’s hair, she can change their hair as well
>>Chloe has Amokinesis, to a minor extent. She has the ability to put extreme waves of desire between people, but only for a short time. She can only do it to a maximum of 2 people and it lasts less than a day, the actual time dependent on if there was any desire between the two people at all.

History: Chloe Clark (born: Chloe Morin) was born to tech genius, and sexist pig, Connor Morin Sr in Orlando, FL. She was the older of her and her twin brother, Connor Morin Jr. Connor Morin ever only wanted one kid so that his company had an heir-apparent. There was one more quality that that kid needed to have: that kid needed to be a him. Connor Sr put Chloe into the foster care system in St. Petersburg under the name Chloe Clark and kept Connor Jr.

Chloe was bounced around a lot in the St. Petersburg foster care system. A large majority of the families who were looking to be permanent homes for foster kids were white and were looking for kids who better fit their family. Chloe got sent to progressively worse and worse foster homes. The final place that she ended up was a very bad home. Chloe rarely made it to school because her foster parents made her and the other foster kids work for their online t-shirt business. They were able to pay off the school leaders to sign off with the kid’s case workers. That was the house Chloe was in when she found out the truth about her birth father and about her twin brother. She was running away to Orlando when she was sleeping behind a bus station. This is where Lupa and her wolves came to Chloe and started to train her for camp. She was 12.

Faceclaim: Vanessa Morgan
Notes: None

[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t196-chloe-alice-clark-morin]Chloe Clark-Morin[/url] - Female - 15 - Legionnaire - Daughter of Venus - Cohort 4 - QTheRevolution

chloe alice clark-morin Tumblr_oyf0sdBZMj1qbmp7lo4_540

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