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Eden Langford Rm2s7nO

Name: Eden Langford
Age: 16
Gender: female
Sexuality: pansexual (she doesn’t know it yet)
God Parent: Vesta. Vesta posed as a churchgoer of Alexandra Faith Fellowship under the name Katie Simon. She started volunteering more, and caught the eye of David. They started an affair, breaking it off shortly before Katie found out she was pregnant.
Mortal Parent: David Langford. David is an evangelical pastor running the Alexandra Faith Fellowship. His sermons are broadcast across the country, where he’s gained quite a following. His megachurch sees 40,000 people per week, with around 2 million tuning in via television.
Other Family:
Michelle Langford- Eden’s “mother”. She’s aware that Eden is not her own, obviously, but keeps up appearances.
Levi Langford- Eden’s older half brother. 18
Faith Langford- Eden’s half sister. 16. She’s younger by a couple weeks. Her parents passed her and Eden off as twins.

Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia
Race: caucasian
Skin Color: somewhat tan
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: blue
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 110lbs
Body type: lean
Personality: Eden is a very warm person, and is compassionate and selfless. She has a desire for close relationships, people that she can bear her heart to. She’s somewhere between introverted and extroverted. She likes talking to other people, but she isn’t the best at initiating stuff. She’s very used to things being out of her control, so it’s very hard for her to go to other people, or ask questions. Being raised in a very extreme christian environment, she was always taught to trust the scripture rather than herself. She can be a bit insecure about her opinions, especially if they don’t match with the other person’s. She’s been spending a lot of time trying to figure out who she is, especially with her lack of faith now. She’s been taught to be obedient, and she’s slowly trying to become more independent.
Talents: singing, piano, painting
Flaws(at least 3):see above
Weapons (Imperial Gold): imperial gold gladius
Abilities: can’t be burned by fire
Powers: Eden can create and manipulate fire. She can create fire from the size of a small flame up to a ball of fire which can be thrown. The ball of fire can be up to 6in in diameter. She can make small flames 10x per topic, medium flames 7x per topic, and a ball of fire 4x per topic.
Eden can also manipulate already existing flames, making them larger or smaller. She can do this 14x per topic.
History (At Least Three Sentences): Eden grew up thinking that she was a full blooded Langford. The only two people who knew the truth were her parents. She and her siblings were public members of her father’s family, and were often in the spotlight of the televangelist scene. They gave their own sermons, led youth groups, and were their father’s way of connecting with the younger scene.
Her parents were very controlling, and they could never do anything without their permission. They were homeschooled, all science was replaced with creationist material. They were only allowed to hang out with people from church.
When Eden was 12 she was found by lupa, who explained who she really was and showed her the way to Camp Jupiter. After having a fight with her parents, who revealed that Eden was the result of an affair with a mystery woman, she left and followed the trail to New Rome.
On her way there she had a dream in which her mother, Vesta, gave her a flame. She was told that if the flame extinguished she would die. When she woke up the next morning she found a branch that had almost finished burning. Eden saved the flame, and protected it throughout her journey to camp. When she arrived she transferred the flame to a pyre in her mother’s temple, where she tends to it every day. She was accepted into the fifth cohort.
Faceclaim (if applicable): Julia Tomasone
[url=]Eden Langford[/url] - Female -16 - Legionnare - Child Of Vesta- Cohort 5 - sarenrae

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