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Aurelia Fairchild Actor-101-natalia-dyer-01

Name: Aurelia Elizabeth Fairchild
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual/Demiromantic

God Parent: Hestia
Mortal Parent: Scott Fairchild
Other Family: Elizabeth Fairchild (Grandmother), Ariadne Fairchild (Sister), William Fairchild (Uncle), and Heath Fairchild (Cousin)..

Birthplace: Cambridge Massachusetts.
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Naturally Brown but can change random colours and can often end up rainbow.
Eye Color: Blue
Height: Five foot two.
Weight: A hundred and eight pounds.
Body type: Mesomorph

Personality:  Lia is a well rounded individual. She takes pride in the things that she does, and is rather very vocal. She is able to converse with just about anyone that walks by her whether she knows them or not. It is a skill she has picked up on while working in the business with her father and doing her own thing. Aurelia enjoys the company of others and loves when someone can make her laugh, in return she'll try to do her best and laying out her best jokes, but don't get your hopes up. They're likely as good as dad jokes, and really bad puns. She has no regrets about it to say the least.

She is a little reckless and careless. She will go around thinking something is a great idea and not really think before she does things. This often gets her in a lot of trouble, but she typically finds a way out of it, and most people can't stay mad at her for too long. She is often thinking about riding in the laundry basket going down the stairs, or seeing if jumping from a balcony into the pool would be fine. Needless to say she lucked out big time, in hitting the pool. For the most part fear isn't a thing in her vocabulary and it really should be. Lia is also often to be the type to go up to a bully and try to be tough crap, but really she's a little flower that doesn't fight physically. Verbal is a whole other story.

By the end of the day though, Lia is a very loyal and dedicated friend. She is there for anyone that may need her and she can sometimes be serious for once in her life. The daughter of Iris, really is just a big child though, and will like make you promise in the form of a pinkie promise.
Talents: Cooking is one of the few talents that Lia has. She has been cooking in the kitchen with her father since she was the age of seven. She knows how to make most dishes, except those that have meat in them, since she's never really eaten meat before.  Identifying plants is another one of her talents. She is able to go into nature and know a majority of plants and what they do. Lastly, her only other talent would be anything artistic. Drawing, painting, photography or what have you, she has always been fairly good at. All the art work up in her father's restaurant is actually her work and she takes pride in it.
Flaws: She's a pacifist. She can't justify violence nor can she justify war. Lia is one to not really want to hurt anything. She has been raising plants up her whole life, and taking care of sick animals. Even with people she feels like there is non-violent ways to deal with them. She has basic fighting skills to defend herself, but even then she'd prefer not to use them at all.  Lia is very talkative, and she often runs her mouth into places that she shouldn't as it seems to get her into trouble quite a bit. She sometimes also doesn't really know when to shut up. Aurelia also finds it difficult to be serious for more than ten minutes at a time and everything can be made into a joke or a game. Her last flaw is that she has a massive unidentified shaped birthmark spanning over her entire left shoulder blade and collarbone.

Weapons: A celestial bronze dagger that she hardly uses.
Abilities: Aurelia gives of a warm comforting vibe that is able to put most people at ease.
Her hair changes randomly to different colours, sometimes than can be afflicted by her emotions.
Powers: Home transportation - Lia is able to transport herself back home. It has a cool down of about two weeks after use.
Sanctuary Protection - It’s her ability to create a radius in which if people are in it she can protect them from the danger outside of the radius. The radius can get as big as seven feet and at its largest radius it can last for up to forty five minutes. The smaller it is the longer it can last, although she is constantly working on this power. It does move, but it only moves with her. If used too often she can pass out due to fatigue.

History: Aurelia Elizabeth Fairchild was the second born to Scott Fairchild and the love of his life Vanessa. Vanessa was a stunning woman would was so selfless and kind that it really made Scott yearn to be a better person every day that he was with her. She always had this comforting glow about her and the way she was made everything feel easy in life, and it really too a lot of the stress in his life away. Vanessa’s personality was warm and something Scott had never seen in a woman before, it was something he wanted to have in his life forever. Unfortunately with everything that Scott was involved in at that time Vanessa ended up disappearing before he had the chance to make her his.

He continued in the life he had planned for him from his mother. He had originally attended Oxford University and helped his mother out in her business in any way that he could. Him and his brother worked hard at doing their jobs as well as they could, and eventually when there was an assignment for him to head off to the states he took it, not wanting to be reminded by the memories of Vanessa. After a couple months of being in Boston Massachusetts he ran into her again.

The last place he thought he’d ever see Vanessa was over in America, and when he did see her, she was holding a baby in her arms. According to Vanessa it was his daughter and she wanted her to be with him. Scott took his daughter into his arms and his whole world had flipped upside down. He told Vanessa how his career wasn’t fit to raise a kid and it wasn’t safe for her, and part of him almost gave Ariadne up for adoption so he wouldn’t have to ruin her life.

He was given another chance though. Vanessa told him that he could still change his life and make it what he wanted it to be and that they could do it together. With that he took the money that was supposed to go to his mother and he moved to Cambridge to buy the space, but together him and Vanessa had spent time working on a restaurant together and raising the newborn.

After Ariadne was one years old Vanessa began to go in and out of their lives for quite some time. She had family matters to take care of apparently. It was another year later once the restaurant was booming and making in money so that Scott could finally pay his mother off that him and Vanessa ended up with a second daughter. Her name was Aurelia.

It was the time that Aurelia was only seven months old that Vanessa had vanished for good. It was just Scott and his two girls from that point on. Eventually down the road he got letters in the mail explaining what had happened and why she had left. He was given a letter for each of the girls to read when they turned thirteen.

Growing up with an older sister wasn’t always the easiest thing. Lia always had someone picking on her and dragging her around by the hand to make her do things, until eventually they got to an old enough age that Ariadne didn’t want Lia around as much because she was getting ‘annoying.’ In typical younger sister fashion Lia was always trying to wear Ari’s stuff and did things that she liked. Eventually after a year or two they outgrew that phase and became best friends again.

Every year for Christmas they’d spend a couple weeks at their Grandmother’s house over in the UK. They were always memorable for one reason to another. Lia and Ari didn’t like going too much as they got older, but still did it for their dad.

When Lia was eleven years old her sister Ari had left her and gone off to this camp. She came home every now and then and helped out at the restaurant, but that wasn’t super often and Lia ended up missing her a lot. It wasn’t long before she read her own letter and took off for camp where she could be reunited with her older sister Ariadne.

Faceclaim: Natalia Dyer
Notes: In Aurelia’s family there is a very distant legacy of Iris and that’s why her hair naturally changes colour.
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