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Aurora Mayfield

Name: Aurora ‘Rory’ Celeste Mayfield
Age: Twenty-two
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual.

God Parent: Luna goddess of the moon.
Mortal Parent: Devan Mayfield
Other Family: Twin brother, Phoenix Mayfield.(Deceased)  .

Birthplace: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
Race: Half Caucasian, Half african american.

Skin Color: Fair.
Hair Color: Naturally dark brown/black.
Eye Color: Brown.
Height: Five foot seven.
Weight: A hundred and twenty nine pounds.
Body type: Ectomorph

Personality: Aurora can be seen as a rather forward person from time to time, or she could seem a little confident in herself at times too, and although these are some outward appearances she tries to keep up for everyone around her, they aren’t her true identity. It is true that she can be rather controlling at times though. She gets into a head space where she likes to have control over things and be able to have the last say on everything. It had raised some problems in the past with her not working the best in a team, but she’s been working on it, unfortunately changing who you are isn’t a very easy trait.

The daughter of Luna can be rather sensitive and empathetic to other people and their feelings though. If anyone is going to listen to you about your problems with no judgement it will be Rory. She isn’t there to judge others on their lives and that they do with it or make the choices for them, she simply just gives an ear for people to talk to and feel like they are being heard, and often time she gets told that she’s a great friend.

However, Rory, once crossed once will not forgive you again and she will stick to her guns about it. She doesn’t like to be made a fool of or to have her trust completely blown out of the water. If you mistreat her in any way she will cut you out of her life faster than she you could even blink your eyes. Rory will not settle for things that make her unhappy in life, and she will not be forgiving you anytime soon. It’s rare you’ll get her forgiveness, you’ll practically have to beg for it, and even then, you’re more than likely not to get it.
Talents: Singing, ranged weapons, and agility.
Flaws: Sword fighting, controlling, and unforgiving.

Weapons:Bow and arrows with imperial gold tips.
Abilities: She can gain extra energy and strength from the moon’s glow when it’s a full moon.
Rory is able to see at night just as if it were day time with no problems.
Powers: Aurora can heal some wounds with the added strength she is given from full moons.

History: Aurora Mayfield was born on September 29th 1995 along with her twin brother who was born about five minutes before her. The two grew up in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where their father resided and worked. Devan Mayfield is a police officer and has been with the force for a long time. He is well respected in his jurisdiction by his colleagues and he has a good authority figure about him.

Growing up in a household with their father as a police officer it meant that a lot of times he wasn’t always home. Sure he had his set schedule, but more often than not it got a little out of place as different things began to happen at work and he just couldn’t make it home on time. That was when they were taken care of by their next door neighbours, Edmond and Helena Blackwood. As Rory got older there was more she noticed about the couple that seemed to be more strange, they had an eerie feeling whenever she was around them, and no matter where she was in the house she could feel eyes on her and almost like she had been watched. Whenever she brought this up to Phoenix he didn’t seem to catch onto it. In typical fashion he was too focused on his games.

It was then that Rory took matters into her own hands and she began to research the names of their neighbours. Nothing would ever come up when she searched them. There were little to no records on a Edmond and Helena Blackwood. That alone made her on edge around the couple and she was itching to tell her father about it, but she wouldn’t see him again, not even when she stayed up late until he got home. He went straight to bed before she could even show him her research, he always told her not to worry about it and that he would look into her research when he had the time.

When she was the age of ten she noticed that her brother had been missing and that Edmond was the only one of the couple that was in the house. Before she could even open her lips to ask about where Phoenix was she got shushed and grabbed by the hair. From there she was pulled by the hair and escorted back to the neighbours house which Aurora had never been in before. The door slammed shut behind them and she was taken through the house that was packed with many different things, the windows seemed blacked out from any sunlight coming in and for some reason she got the idea that the place was sound proof.

She was pushed out into the backyard where Helena grabbed her and began to tie her hands together and brought her to a bigger tree in the forest behind their backyard. The ropes came out and tightly bound her to the tree before she heard Helena mumbling a few words that didn’t sound English. The last words that Aurora heard that night was, “Master will be pleased.” She tried to scream out for help, but it was damn near impossible. Aurora noticed parts of ripped rope by the base of a tree across from her and saw liquid puddled there.

It had been a full moon that night and when it was up at top of the sky that night she could feel it shine down on her and cast an energy into her that she had never felt before. With the newly found energy and strength, Rory began to try and wiggle out of the rope that had been tied around her. Whatever had been here earlier was surely coming back and she had to get out of here. It took a few tries but she was able to loosen the rope and slide her back against the tree until she slipped out of them. Her hands had still been bound by rope, but she began to run away as far as she could before she became face to face with a pack of wolves, which she later found out was Lupa and her wolves.

After the time spent training she was finally sent on her way to Camp Jupiter and from there she had been placed into the second cohort and she then started her service to the legion and had worked her way up to the eventual rank of Optio before she was placed with the offer of being a centurion, but Aurora turned it down and decided to spend some time being a medic for the second cohort. She took a huge interest in the world of medicine and eventually decided when she was seventeen years old that she wanted to go to school to become a Nurse.

Ever since she was the age of eleven she was interested in music and wrote many songs, but it was when she was fourteen that she had gotten together with a group of girls and they decided to work together. It took them a couple years, but when they were sixteen the played at their first venue as an all girls band, where Rory was the lead singer. Aurora and her band The Lonely Sirens have been playing since she was sixteen and now they play at the various clubs that exist in New Rome and sometimes they play at private parties hosted in New Rome and outside of New Rome at the neighbouring colleges. Other than her gigs with the band she does work part time as a waitress/server at one of the local restaurants in New Rome.

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