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Dominika Orlov

Name: Dominika Galine Orlov
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual

God Parent: Zeus
Mortal Parent: Anya Orlov
Other Family: Viktoria Orlov, Dimitri Orlov and  Inga Orlov

Birthplace: Tyumen, Russia.
Race: Caucasain

Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: Five foot six.
Weight: A hundred and thirty pounds.
Body type: Ectomorph.

Personality: Dominika is a very headstrong girl. She is filled with ambitions and convictions. She will try and try again until she gets something that she wants and anytime that she seems to fail she gets back up again. Nika was raised to have strong resilience in anything that she did and that has carried through her life in forms of everything that she has done. She exemplifies a true leadership trait and she knows how to lead people into success and herself.

Despite growing up to be strong and resilient, Nika was also raised to be soft and gentle to those around her. She would often lend out a hand to anyone in need and would go through hell just to make people smile. Sadly a lot of that has been pushed down within her and she doesn't let it show to many people, just her close family. The daughter of Zeus has become reserved lately and wont talk to a bunch of people like she used to and can often seem a bit cold to strangers. She particularly doesn't like to be touched and has anxiety about brushing up against people let alone unwarranted touch.
Talents: Dominika doesn’t have a whole lot of talents. Although to reiterate, she is talented at dancing, and has always seemed to have an affinity for it. She knew how to dance before she could even form full sentences, and it wasn’t a huge struggle to pick up. Oddly enough another talent of hers when she was in school was chemistry. She was fairly good at knowing how certain chemicals reacted to others and she picked the science up quite quickly. Faster than most would be able to.
Flaws: Visually, Nika’s nose is way too narrow for her face and sets the balance off a bit. She is too independent and stubborn that she will not take anyone's help no matter how many times you offer it to her. Nika finds it incredibly difficult to trust others and her guard is up constantly. Dominika is very pessimistic, and can only tend to see the negatives in life and often goes there first.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze blade on her rapier.
Abilities: Electric pulse: She can create little mini pulses of electricity that can either be used to mark a path or it will be used to help light up her way.
Rumbling Thunder: Much like her father when she is angry thunder will rumble. For Nika it will only do that when clouds are already out.
Shock wave: She can make mini shock waves for pranks, such as going to shake someones hand and shocking them at the same time. She can make small little shock waves, and sometimes then can travel a bit. You don’t want to stand too close when they happen.
Powers: Dominika has grown with her powers significantly since she has arrived at camp and has only begun to grow as a big three demigod. She has seemed to have taken to aerokinesis a lot easier than atmokinesis or electrokinesis. Has a higher affinity for it and seems to be her strong suit. Atmokinesis being somewhat similar to aerokinesis is her second strongest, followed by her weakest area, electrokinesis.
Levitation: Nika is able to use the gusts of wind to lift her body up and she is able to fly around. She can go up to about one thousand five hundred feet. If she does it to the extent she will only get a little fatigued since she’s been practicing for awhile now. It will last about 8 posts in total per thread.
Swift As A Coursing River: During battle Nika is an agility based fighter. She is quick and it is what gives her an edge as she doesn’t have very brutal offensive attacks. It allows a wind gust to flow a small few centimeters below her feet or near her hands and arms for quick movements in battle that are difficult to avoid. This can last for about 6 posts and has a cool-down of 5 posts.
Purification: She is able to purify the air from hazardous molecules by removing them. Making the air breathable instead of polluted with toxins. It takes a lot of concentration and often times she comes out with massive headaches. Can last for 3 posts and has a cool-down of 5 posts.
Deoxygenation: To tie in with being able to purify the air and removing hazardous molecules, she can also remove oxygen molecules in a small 4 foot radius. It’s not a big radius, but it’s a strong power to possess. She has never been able to kill with the power as it takes lots of concentration to begin with. It lasts for about thirty seconds, probably enough to stun whatever/whoever she’s fighting and make them gasp for air. Although this is a power only ever used in desperate need. It can only be used once in a topic and often leaves her with migraines that no medicine can touch. She goes into a fragile state with this one.
Nitrogen Explosives: “Generate explosive and propulsive energy via nitrogen.” - (Superpower wiki’s words) She can create about seven of these within 2 posts, but will need a cool-down of 4 posts. She can only create twenty-one of those per topic. Even going to her max wears her out and she begins to feel nauseated and could potentially collapse from exhaustion.
Tornado: She can summon an EF-2 tornado that will go up to the speed of 200 km/h. Can use for 3 posts and has a cool-down of 10 posts.
Thermal Manipulation: Dominika can tamper with the temperature so long as it’s always within five degrees of what it already is, in either direction.
Thunder Calling: She is able to summon a bolt of lightning per a thread and it is able to hit three monsters.

History: Dominika Orlov was the first born daughter to Anya Orlov. Anya is a dance instructor at night and during the day she works at a grocery store so she can provide for both of her daughters. Anya Orlov was born to Inga and Dimitri Orlov where she was one of three children. Growing up her father was never really supportive of her dancing and fought her every step of the way, so often times Anya didn't get the chances she wished she would have got when she was younger to achieve her dreams, her father was more often than not the one who was in control of the family and things had to be done to his order and his satisfaction. Despite what her father wanted she had gone for her dreams and even entered a few competitions on the money that she raised herself. Eventually her other siblings moved out and into their own homes and Anya was the only one left at home.

It was during one of her competitions in the USA when she had met a guy she had found interest in. She spent a great deal of time with him when she wasn't training or doing competitions, and she even spent a little too much time with him. After that she had to return to Russia and to go back home. Anya was only at the age of eighteen and she didn't really had plans of recent to move out of her parents home. She had always wanted to and was even offered a place to stay by one of her siblings, but she never took the offer. It was only a few months later that Anya realized she was pregnant. Terrified of what her father would think Anya didn't tell her parents until she started to show and had to start explaining. By that point she was a little over halfway with being pregnant with Dominika and an abortion was no longer an option. Anya's father was furious, but was calmed down by his wife Inga.

Finally Dominika was brought into the world and since that day the family started to work together and to put their differences aside so they could raise her and make sure she had everything she could ever need. From a young age Dominika was mostly watched over by her grandparents. They were always this weird balance of kindness and strictness. At times her grandmother would be comforting and kind to her making sure she were to be that way with others, but her grandfather on the other hand wanted her to grow up with convictions and strength to know that she could be resilient in whatever it was that she did. Having both of them often made childhood confusing for the daughter of Zeus, but it made her ambitious.

Her mother had taught her dance she she was able to walk. Dancing was something Anywa wanted to be able to bond with her daughter. She learned ballet first and was always dressed up in the little tutu's that her mother had for her as she did various performances for her family. Eventually she got into hip hop and tap dancing for a few years before she took up ballroom dancing when she was a bit older. Dominika shortly fell in love with dancing much like her mother had, it was a way for expression and to put her passions towards. Meanwhile all that was going on, every Saturday and Sunday she would go out skating with her grandfather Dimitri where he taught her the basics of skating, and one day they stayed and watched a figure skating class, it was then that Nika had decided that she wanted to figure skate and fell in love with the ice sport.

Dimitri and Inga were her biggest supporters in her dream to skate for the Olympics one day. They funded her lessons and her skates. They gave her everything she would need to be able to get far in her dreams and Dominika couldn't have got as far as she did without them. She began going to competitions all over Russia since she was the age of eight. When it came about that she had a partner for ice dancing, Dominika took up on the offer as it combined two things that she loved to do. That was her ultimate dream to compete in the winter olympics for ice dancing.

She was nine years old when she was introduced to Niko Kazanov. They spent countless hours together on the ice trying to get their routines down right and making sure every detail was as beautiful as the next. As they've aged they ahve won a few competitions and even gone to the world championships a couple times since they've been fifteen and sixteen. They still haven't made it to Olympics level, and didn't place in one of the top three spots in the worlds, but they've been aiming for it for the year of 2018. Their major goal and hope is to go to the winter Olympics in 2022.

Although she trains a lot with her partner Niko, since she was the age of fourteen she has been attending Camp Half-blood in the summer months. During which Niko has been attending as well. Niko is a son of Khione and has been attending camp during the summer months since he was the age of twelve. The two have been fairly close friends since they've started skating together and as of recently they have dated for a year, but broke up to focus on their skating careers and decided it was best to remain friends and not dabble in relationships.

Dominika has been having a difficult time in the passed year. At the start of 2018 her grandfather passed away due to some heart failures. She has found it hard to want to do anything, but she pushes through because she knows that's what he would have wanted her to do.

Faceclaim: Penelope Mitchel
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