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Jacks Radcliffe Giphy
Name: Jackson “Jacks” Radcliffe
Age: 19 (Jan. 3rd 2000)
Gender: male
Sexuality: demisexual

Legacy of: Tranquillitas goddess of tranquility, and Timor the god of fear
Mother: Jennifer Radcliffe daughter of Timor
Father: Alan Radcliffe son of Tranquillitas.
Other Family: twin sister named Juliet

Birthplace: New Rome
Race: caucasian

Skin Color: tan
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 155 lbs
Body type: mix between ectomorph and mesomorph

Jackson is a fun guy. He isn’t afraid of anything, literally, so it can sometimes lead to really stupid ideas like bungee jumping off the Senate building... yeah not the smartest, but you get the idea. He is very nice, and makes friends easily. Jacks does very well under pressure, and tends to have a “take it as it comes” attitude towards everything he does.
*making friends
Flaws (at least three):
*his left ear is deaf from a prank gone wrong. Fireworks man, they’re dangerous.

Weapons (imperial gold): IG sword
*Resistant to being scared. (Still can get scared, but it doesn’t happen often... or barely at all)
*Always calm, no matter what.
*He can cause someone to see their phobias. This causes them to become paralyzed in fear. This lasts for up to 5 posts, as long as he can keep his concentration. There’s a cooldown of 6 posts.
*On the other hand Jackson can calm someone down and make them feel peaceful. This is instantaneous and lasts 4 posts. There’s a 5 post cooldown.

History (At Least Three Sentences):
Jackson grew up with his twin sister in a average family in New Rome. His mom worked as a nurse at the hospital, and his father works as a guidance counselor at New Rome High School. Growing up, Jacks and his twin sister, Juliet, were never told who was older. It’s a topic that both of them like to argue about every once in awhile, but at the end of the day neither of them care (but if you ask Jacks, he’ll say he’s the oldest).
Jacks has been in the legion since the early age of eight, and he and his sister are both getting ready to retire soon. He’s planning on studying archeology as a major, and minor in chemistry.

Faceclaim (if applicable): Robbie Amell
Notes: twin brother of Ella’s character XD

[url=]Jackson “Jacks” Radcliffe[/url] - male - 18 - former opito/nru student - Legacy Of Timor and Tranquillitas - 3rd Cohort - Frankie

Jacks Radcliffe Original
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Noah Parker, Silas Julius, Ensley Kate Daniels, August Nolan, Jackson “Jacks” Radcliffe
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