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Eloise Miller EhtU2tz
Name: Eloise Laura Miller. Eloise means famous in war, which doesn’t really make sense. As far as Louie knows, she isn’t famous in war. She’s not famous at all. Laura was her grandmother’s name, and it means laurel. Miller is an english surname that was given to people who worked in mills. Most people call her Louie though. She’s not really sure why. According to her “I wanted to be called Elle but apparently nobody else wanted that. So I am now Louie.”
Age: 19. Born July 18th, 1998.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual

God Parent: Hermes. Hermes met Audrey at one of her performances and she fell in love with him. They dated casually for a year before Audrey became pregnant with Louie.
Mortal Parent: Audrey Miller. Audrey is a cellist in the Portland Symphony Orchestra. She is 45 years old and has lived in Portland for most of her life. She can see through the mist. She’s very accepting of her daughter and loves her very dearly.
Other Family: none

Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: fair
Hair Color: dark blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’2”
Body type: Lean. P muscular. Does a lot of yoga.

Personality: ENFP. Louie is pretty sociable, which is helpful when dealing with a crowed cabin full of siblings she’s not really the prankster, but more of a mediator. She can be pretty abrupt and sarcastic, but she knows when to stop that behavior and be sympathetic and serious. She loves being there for others, and she loves it when people are there for her too. She’s always wanted a lot of siblings, and now she’s got them. She loves making friends with people, and she always has to be somebody’s friend before starting a romantic relationship with her. She gravitates towards all sorts of people, and loves striking up conversations with people who aren’t doing anything. Many people say that Louie has a heart of gold. Although she’s somewhat lazy and avoids responsibility at all cost. Its easy for Louie to get worked up though, and she could start crying at any moment.
Talents: can binge watch an entire season of tv on netflix in a day (that is so a talent), good listener, friendly, pretty fair advice giver, best procrastinator ever.
Flaws(at least 3): Horrible at being responsible and being accountable for stuff,  procrastinator, easily stressed, really short, over emotional, cannot play any instrument, pretty bad at singing too.

Weapons (Celestial Bronze): Louie is pretty good at using her bow and cb tipped arrows. But thats a lie she’s absolutely terrible at using that thing.
Abilities: none
Powers: none

History (At Least Three Sentences): Louie grew up in a middle class lifestyle. Her mother earned a fair amount as a cellist, especially because she was in one of the top orchestras in Portland. Despite Audrey knowing Louie’s parentage, she decided to keep the secret from Louie and raise her as normally as possible. That included trying to explain the monster sightings and such. When Louie was 12, she announced that she was gay. Audrey had always known this, but still told Louie that she loved her and accepted her no matter what. At age 13, Audrey had decided that Louie had enough close calls and decided to tell Louie who she was and decided to take her to camp. When Louie was 18 she was accepted into Harvard, where she studies pre-med. She returns to camp in the summer.

Faceclaim (if applicable): elise bauman
[url=]Eloise Miller[/url] - female - 19 - Camper - Daughter of Hermes- Beauregard
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