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on Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:08 pm
Freya Caldwell

Name: Freya Meredith Caldwell
Age: Seventeen
Birthday: August 22nd
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
God Parent: Minerva
Mortal Parent: William Caldwell

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 127 lbs
Eye Colour: Brown

Talents: Lock picking, sneaking around, and battle tactics.
Flaws: Wielding heavy weapons, team work, and acts on impulse.
Personality:Freya grew up knowing she had to be tough and that there was no room to second guess yourself. She had to be sure on what she wanted to do and what her next move would be. She has been good at playing many different parts that she’s needed to play to get where she is and can be rather good at deception when needed. Freya has always been a charming and rather charismatic when it came to survival and she has the guts she’s needed to survive.

The daughter of Minerva has found she prefers to work by herself and work as an independent, she doesn’t really care to work as a team because she knows that someone is just going to end up dying or someone is just going to drag her down, if you need to survive you have to take care of yourself.

History:Freya was the product of William and Minerva. She grew up in the neighbourhood of Las Vistas in Tucson, Arizona. Freya lived in a small run down bachelor basement suite. The whole place was outdated and often times they would have leaking pipes or the water would be cut off. Freya’s father didn’t really make a lot income wise. He had dropped out from school when he was in the tenth grade and never looked back. He had some security in working at a lumber mill until it closed down and he moved.

At this point in his life he works two jobs, he works graveyard shifts at McDonalds, and then he works mornings at Denny’s serving. His income is just barely enough to pay for his rent and electricity, often times they will live off of instant noodles and rice, as that is all they could really afford.

At the young age of six Freya ended up wandering the streets either begging for food or money. Often times her cuteness got her enough money so her father and her could just make it by for their bills and food. If they got really tight for food William would buy food at his place of work for fifty percent off just to give his daughter something to eat.

When she turned seven years of age she had begun to try he hand at picking locks and sneaking around. Freya had quickly adapted to the ways of picking pockets and getting money from others, or stealing stuff from stores such as bakeries. She got a little more ballsy here and there when she would pick locks to break into people’s homes to try and find things she could steal to sell at a pawnshop for money.

It was hard for her when her father died, they had been walking down the street when they had been attacked and her father had put his life on the line for her so she could run. It wasn’t long until she had run into her mother Minerva herself and she was taken to where her new home would be. For nine years now she’s been living among the Nightingales.

FC: Shailene Woodley
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