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Dominique L'aigle Tumblr_inline_p1oaeaP8141rifr4k_540

Name: Dominique Apolline L’aigle
Birthdate: July 1st 1936
Nationality: French
Gender: Female
Parents: Antoinette and Kevin L’aigle.
God Lineage: Jupiter and Victoria.
Cohort: Fourth.

Spoken Languages: French(native), English, and German.
Education Level: High school.
Dominant Hand: Left Hand.
Handwriting: Writes in small, but neat cursive.
Preferred Ink Colour: Black.
Favourite Colour: Green.
Enjoys: Stationery, wrapping gifts, being alone, skating, the cold, pancakes, old coins, sketching, hearing the crowd cheer for her, reading, and potatoes.

Long-term Goal: Win a gold medal in the olympics.
Short-term Goal: Do whatever it takes to make the long term goal happen.
Creative Talent: Dancing and sketching.
Physical Talent: Dancing, Ice skating, and endurance.
Awards: Dominique has won world champions. She has various figure skating medals and awards that she has won. She’s also won a gold medal for the team event in the Olympics. But it’s not the gold medal that she’s after.

Hobbies: Sketching, reading, skating, dancing, and taking strolls in the outdoors.
Quirks: Dominique collects postage stamps from all over. She finds them simply fascinating. Whenever she’s nervous she begins to chew at her nails a little bit.

Family: Antoinette L’aigle - Red head, French family, daughter of Jupiter, nurse/dance instructor.
Kevin L’aigle - Brunet, English family, son of Victoria, engineer, family jewish.
Victorine L’aigle - Red head, cheeky, legacy of Jupiter and Victoria, wanted to be a fashion designer
Ingrid L’aigle - Blonde, Antoinette’s mother, Polish and French, fashion designer, and human.
Prized possessions: Notebook, ruby pendant necklace, and stamp collection.
Background: Born in 1936, Dominique was the first born of two children to Antoinette and Kevin L’aigle. It was only in 1939 that her younger sister, Victorine L’aigle was born. They were a happy little family that grew up in Paris, France. However, the happiness died away the moment that the Germans came in and took power over France.
The little blonde was only five years old when it all started, it was a new kind of reality to go from living a rather luxurious life to being told when you could be outside, how much food you were allowed, and how much the prices of everything went up. It was during this time that the Germans had taken over, when Dominique really learned how to speak German. Being surrounded by the signs and the language with soldiers walking by, it was hard not to learn it.

Dominique wanted to do more for her family,but the only thing she could really do was translate the German for them. Her brain had just seemed to absorb the new language like it were nothing, but her parents were still having a hard time learning.

By the time she was the age of 8 years old, the allies had come in and liberated France from Germany, and not too long after that, the war had been won. It was this point in her life that she began to appreciate the small things in life and not take things for granted. Dom eventually got to get back into the routine of doing ballet again with her mother and sister. The one thing that she will always fail to mention to anyone about her past is the fact that sometime during the war, her father had been killed, but it’s a memory that she suppresses, or really it could just be one she’s forgotten due to the trauma.

It was at the age of 10 years old when a new man had begun to be introduced into her life. A man she was never fond of. His name was Pierre, but for some reason her mother was super into the guy. Her mother would be gone on dates with the guy, or would bring him home for family dinners. A short year later the two were engaged and they decided it’d be best for them to move into Pierre’s home until after the wedding and then they could get a new place together.

This led to Pierre having to watch Dominique and Victorine quite often. Pierre wasn’t the great man that he led up to be. He always got mad easily and had a temper. If things didn’t go the way he wanted them to, he’d yell in their faces with his nostrils flaring, until eventually he began to backhand them.

The abuse got bad to the point where there wasn’t a day they weren’t pushed around or hit by Pierre. Anytime they tried to reach out to their mother they would just be threatened even more. So Dominique started to plan a way out and she got her younger sister Victorine on it. They had some connections down in the market area that believed them. In particular it was the baker’s wife who said that she could get them to the train station and they could try to get out of there. The plan wasn’t concrete, but they wanted out so bad. From there they were told they’d get sent over to England by boat where the baker’s wife would help them get to America and for them to be free.

Just like in any story, this all sounded too good to be true. The little minds of Dominique and Victorine didn’t think this through and just went with the first plan they were given. On the night that they tried to escape, they were caught by Pierre on their way to the bakers. He had grabbed Victorine by the hair and started dragging her back to the house. The young legacy got scared for her sister and began to chase after them yelling at Pierre to stop. In the midst of all the mixed emotions, Dominique couldn’t control anything and unleashed her power which sent a storm to occur. Pierre had been struck by a very strong current of lightning, which ended up killing him, but unfortunately Victorine was caught in the crossfire of it.

All she could do in those moments was fled the scene and get on the train that she was told to get on. Eventually the blonde had made it to England and met up with the Marie’s friend, Christine. It was her who Dom lived with for a few days until they could finalize some plans for her to get to America.

It was in January of 1948 that the blonde had made it to America. It was in August of 1948 that she ended up in the lotus casino, and she only got rescued from it in 2014. She’s been at camp Jupiter for four years now in total.
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