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on Thu Jul 20, 2017 11:40 pm

Roleplaying Rules

1. Each member starts out with 10 Character slots.
2. Big three characters are not allowed unless you are given a slot for one.
3. Keep posts rated Pg-13. If you have anything too explicit staff may ask for you to remove your topic and start a new one.
4. No double posting allowed. (Ex. No posting two times in a row)
5. A topic is private unless stated otherwise. (Ex. Open will be stated in either the title or description.)
6. Gods and Praetors are off limits. Only staff may RP them for plot and npc purposes. If you need a God rped in your thread send a request to a staff member. (Staff can deny such requests. If they do they will provide you with a reason)
7. Quests must be paid for and then approved by an admin based on the outline you provide for them.
8. If there are any rules that need amendment or need to be added the admins will do so. They will also notify of any changes to these rules.
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