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on Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:11 pm

Legends of Fate Rules

1. We do not allow ads from sexually mature sites.
2. The ads can be from any rp site, regardless of what platform it is on.
3. Submitted ads should have the name of the site in the title and what kind of site it is in the description (i.e. harry potter, pjo, real life, etc. you can also include what platform its on if you wish)
4. You may only advertise if you have advertising section on your board. Guest friendly would be appreciated, although it isn't required.
5. You also must be okay with us advertising our site on your board.
6. Any images shouldn't stretch the page. Reccomended width is 500px.
7. Only one ad per site. If you have an update about the site you'd like to give, you can include it by replying to your original ad. This being said, you can only bump your ad if you have an update to give.
8. If your site is dead, or if your site has been hacked, please create an update saying so. A staff member will delete the ad and if you get your site back, you can submit a new ad.

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