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Luke Avery  Giphy
Name: Luke Avery
Age: 21
Gender: male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Country of Origin: United States
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): American Army Base in France
Race: Caucasian
Skin color: pale
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6ft
Weight: 170lbs
Body type: thin, lean
God Parent: Mercury
Mortal Parent: Noelle Avery

Personality: Luke is a cocky, know-it-all son of a bi*ch, and he definitely knows it. He's very comfortable in his skin, and that makes him a born leader. He doesn't like being in charge though, and would rather spend his time having fun, in many different ways. He's reliable only for his friends, and even then, its questionable...

*most sports

Flaws (at least three):
*overly competitive
Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold): IG gladius

*Enhanced Speed
*Enhanced Thievery
*Lock Intuition
*Money Manipulation

*Teleportation (once a topic)
*Lock Manipulation
Luke was born in France, in an American military hospital because his mother, Noelle was a 2nd Lt. in the Army, and had been stationed in France. Luke spent the first five years of his life living on a family base in France. Shortly after Luke's fifth birthday his mom retired from the Army, and they moved back to her home town in Georgia.

Life in Georgia was in no way easy for Luke and his mother. His mom, Noelle was cheated out of a job that had been promised to her upon her discharge from the military, and that left them homeless for about two months. And having no place to go, because Noelle's parents who were extremely conservative, had disowned her for having a child, Luke and Noelle lived in a car for over a year, before she finally found a day job as a waitress, and a night job as a stripper, and made enough money to rent a cheap apartment.

When Luke was eight, Noelle met a business man who just got out of a supposedly nasty marriage, named Eric who seemed to have been their ticket out of their poverty lifestyle. After two years of dating Eric asked Noelle to marry him. The two married a few weeks later in a small ceremony, with only Luke and Eric's two daughters, and some of their friends as the witness's.

However things quickly changed after the marriage, but only for Luke. Noelle was cluelessly lost in the bliss of not having to work as a waitress or stripper anymore, and as far as she was concerned, Eric was their knight in shining armor. Eric became physically abusive to Luke almost overnight, and was even sexually abusive a couple times. Luke had been sworn to secrecy that he wouldn’t tell his mother, he never did.

Luckily, Luke only had to deal with Eric for a year. At the age of nine Luke was found and trained by Lupa. After three months of training Lupa sent him on his way to Camp Jupiter. He was placed into the fifth cohort, where he would eventually become Centurion. He would hold the position for three years, before retiring early.

When Luke was 18, he and three other legionaries were assigned to a quest. Only Luke and one other person made it back alive. No one knows for sure what exactly happened, but Luke was never the same after it. It led to an early retirement, so he never finished his last year. He is now currently studying business at NRU.

Notes: Luke speaks some French... he used to be fluent, but he hasn't spoken it in years.

[url=]Luke Avery[/url] - male - 21 - NRU student/retired Centurion - Son of Mercury  - 5th cohort - Frankie

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