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Name: Felicity Anna Campbell
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

God Parent: Trivia
Mortal Parent: Iain Campbell
Other Family:
>>Cecily Campbell, younger sister, 14

Birthplace: Shotley Gate, Suffolk, England
Race: White

Skin Color: Caucasian
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5’7’’ or 171 cm
Weight: 116 lbs or 53 kgs
Body type: Slim

Personality: Felicity is easily ignorable, but shouldn’t be. She tends to be quiet and hang in the background, but when she is put in the spotlight, she cannot be ignored. She is strong, opinionated, and talented. Felicity is super extroverted and loves being around people, but she is nervous and paranoid of what people think of her. Felicity may appear weak, but she is strong. She is a Slytherin. Felicity is insightful and studious. She dreams of one day being apart of her cohort's leadership.
>>Depressive Episodes
>>Poor Eye Sight

Weapons: Felicity has a wide collection of weapons, but her main weapon is a traditional Roman gladius.
>>Perform basic spells with Roman incantations
>>Aware of other magic users
Powers: Felicity is a strong daughter of Trivia. As soon as she was aware of her parentage, Felicity’s studious nature took over and she began to study her mother and her magic to no end. Through this and the knowledge of the other Trivia kids, she realized that the only limit to her powers, was the time and effort she put in. These days, Felicity is one of the strongest Trivia kids around. Her magic is strong, but still requires incantations. As much as she studies it, her magic still tires her. Big magic can knock her out for up to 10 minutes. She still hasn’t figured out what makes her more worn out, but it seems to have a lot to do with sleep, eating, and how much magic she has done.  

History: Felicity was born to Trivia and Iain Campbell in Shotley Gate, England. Iain was a fisherman. They never had much money, but Iain always made sure that Felicity, and her younger sister Cicely, were comfortable. Iain, though, was lying about who he was, which Felicity learned later in her life, but she still doesn't know who he is, just that he was American. Felicity grew up on the water and loved to sit in the sand and read. It fostered a love of knowledge in her that carried into school. People liked to pick on her for being small and nerdy, but Felicity was a force to be reckoned with. She took various forms of self-defense lessons, making her strong, but what was strongest was her wit. Felicity was 10 years old when Lupa and her wolves came into her life.

Faceclaim: Dodie Clark
Notes: None

[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t175-felicity-anna-campbell]Felicity Campbell[/url] - Female - 16 - Legionnaire - Daughter of Trivia - Cohort 3 - QTheRevolution

felicity anna campbell Tumblr_ojg97z5o2J1sghgn2o10_400

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