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Delaney McNamara D9ADBd7

Delaney McNamara

NAME: Delaney Frances McNamara. Her parents intended her name to feel flowery and feminine, just like they wanted their daughter to be. In reality Delaney means “descendant of the challenger” which is more indicative of her than her parents had planned. Frances was her maternal grandmother’s name. Delaney finds it boring and predictable. McNamara is Irish, just like Delaney. She figures her parents were going for a theme.
Now, Delaney doesn’t know this, but her name was supposed to be Gabriella Reyes. Gabriella was her biological aunt’s name. She died when Delaney’s biological mother was fourteen. If Delaney knew this she would’ve thought it as a nice tribute.
AGE: 17. Delaney was born on February 14th, 2000. It’s quite fitting. Yet as far as she knows she was born on February 18th, 1999. Her adoptive parents decided to tell her she was born on the day they first laid eyes on her.
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Bisexual. Delaney talks openly about this.

GOD PARENT: Himeros. The god of desire and unrequited love. Himeros met Mariana Reyes in front of the corner shop on Mariana’s street in Santa Barbara. Himeros wore a leather jacket and stood next to a motorcycle. Mariana fell for the bad boy, not that she was able to help it. He radiated desire. So she fell in love. Did he love her? Probably not.
MORTAL PARENT: Mariana Reyes was twenty when she fell pregnant with Delaney. She worked as a waitress at a restaurant in town, barely making enough to get by. That's when she decided she couldn’t raise a baby on her own. So she gave Delaney up. Delaney always knew she was adopted. It wasn’t hard to figure out. She looks nothing like her adoptive parents.
Christopher McNamara: Delaney’s adoptive father. He’s some radio personality on some morning show. It’s a well known secret that he’s screwing his co-host. He thinks he’s more famous than he actually is. Truthfully, he’d be lucky to be recognized by people who actually listen to his show. Still makes a good amount of money.
Melissa McNamara (nee Wellington): Delaney’s adoptive mother. Used to also work in radio as a DJ. She retired to raise five adopted kids. Severely alcoholic. Spends most of her time these days in four star rehab clinics in the Beverly Hills after getting a DUI when Delaney was 16. Delaney thinks there’s something going on between her and her hair stylist.
Beverly McNamara: Delaney’s grandmother and Christopher’s mother. Thinks everyone in the family is going to hell. Devout christian. A billion years old. Lives with the family.
Aisling McNamara: 20. Eldest kid of the clan. Hardcore partier. Trying to become an actress. Delaney thinks she’s gonna wash out because she has no drive. Beverly’s trying to get her to become a nun instead.
Finn McNamara: 16. Got a girl pregnant last year but convinced her to get an abortion. Beverly tried to get him thrown out of the house because of it. On the lacrosse team at school.
Cassidy McNamara: 16. Finn’s twin. Probably the only normal one in the family. Gifted pianist. Probably the smartest in the family, too.
Killian McNamara: 14. Currently going through a goth phase. Gave Beverly a heart attack when he dyed his hair black and green.
BIRTHPLACE: Santa Barbara, California. Grew up in Los Angeles. Delaney honestly hates it, but probably because she associates her family with it. She’d rather live somewhere quieter.
RACE: Delaney is half mexican.

HAIR COLOR: dark brown, almost black.
EYE COLOR: dark brown
HEIGHT: 5’7”

PERSONALITY: Growing up in a messed up family rarely leaves anyone unaffected. Still, Delaney likes to consider herself one of the only normal ones in the family. She’s so used to expecting the crazy, nothing really surprises her anymore. She’s seriously judgemental though. She doesn’t even try to hide it. She also is stubborn and refuses to budge for anything. She can be nice though, if you approach her the right way. As long as you don’t have a reason to get on her bad side there it isn’t hard to become her friend. You just have to work at it. She knows that things can change fast, so loyalty is something that can be lost. Once she finds something that makes her happy, she tries to hold on to it for as long as possible.
She also talks fast, and you’re expected to keep up. Her brain moves fast, from topic to topic. She thinks it’s because of the ADHD, but it might just be her personality too. Besides she wants to get everything out while she still has your attention.
She’s got drive too. She works at things. She doesn’t expect instant results. Yet she knows there must be a light at the end of the tunnel.
TALENTS: Extremely talented ballerina. Started when she was four and has continued ever since. She was with a great company in Los Angeles, but when she moved to New York she found herself among even more talented dancers. She’s working hard to be as good as she can be. It’s honestly one of the few things that brings her joy these days.
She’s quick on her feet, probably from years of ballet practice. Her reflexes are faster than most.
Delaney is fabulous at lying. It was something she had to learn growing up with her family. No I don’t know if Dad is with Amber. My Mom is just doing some humanitarian work in Sudan. No, Grandma, I don’t think Aisling is possessed.
WEAPONS: Celestial bronze arrows with a yew bow.
ABILITIES: Delaney isn’t sure if it’s all in her head or if its her psycho dad’s way of making her exactly like him, but she thinks she’s unlovable. The way she’s sees it, everyone that loves her, platonically or romantically, she has no feelings for. She just feels empty. On the other hand, the few people she actually has feelings for don’t seem to know she exists. Some days it drives her crazy and for a moment she wonders if she’s destined to end up an alcoholic like her mother. Then she has to wonder if alcoholism can be passed on through nurture.
POWERS: Delaney has the power to mess with the attraction between two people. She can cause someone to feel lust towards another person. It’s a tricky power, and isn’t always very strong. At the same time, she can cause people to fall out of love, or lust, or whatever. She can’t do this very often (1x per topic), and depending on how hard she concentrates it doesn’t always have a strong affect.
She discovered this power during the worst part of her father’s affair. Her parents were arguing non stop, and they were talking about divorce. Twelve year old Delaney just wished and wished for her parents to love each other again, and then suddenly it seemed to work. Her dad stopped seeing Amber, and they spent time together again. Except it only lasted three days, and they were back to where they began. Everything is temporary.

HISTORY: You’ve got most of the story already. Mariana Reyes and the night of Himeros. Melissa and Christopher and Amber. A Black Swan in the making. The only thing left to tell is the story of how Delaney McNamara realized who she was. Well, she was thirteen and being driven home from school by the family’s au pair when the car was flipped over on the highway by a giant scorpion. She was saved by a satyr, who tried to take her to camp, yet she refused. The only other person in the car at the time who had seen that thing for what it was was Cassidy. Nobody else in her family believed what she saw was real. They tried to get her into therapy, and on meds. The next time the Satyr came by Delaney agreed to go with him. Everyone in her family thinks she’s studying with the JKO school with the American Ballet Theatre, which she is, but she also happens to be attending camp at the same time. Cassidy is the only one that knows who she really is.

FACECLAIM: Julia Goldani-Telles

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