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August Nolan Tumblr_mksymj1dqm1r5c6epo1_250
Name: August Micah Nolan
Age: 16
Gender: male
Sexuality: demisexual
fc// (if there's one): Steven R. Mcqueen

Country of Origin: Ireland
Place of Birth (Olympus, city or town): New York
Race: Irish
Skin color: white, tans easily
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 150lbs
Body type: tall, athletic, slightly muscular

God Parent: Calliope goddess of music, song, and dance. Also the leader of the muses, muse of epic poetry.
Mortal Parent: Murphy Nolan

August has a very relaxed and kind attitude that makes people like being around him. Though he seems like he’s all put together, he’s not. He tends to be extremely insecure especially around people he doesn’t know to well, and doesn’t understand why people always look at him to lead.

*play instruments

Flaws (at least three):
*terrified of heights and water (since being at camp, the fear as gotten slightly better)
*has a crippled foot (wears a brace, he sometimes walks with a limp, but usually its unnoticable, because he’s practiced walking with it so much. The limp more noticeable when he runs, but it doesn’t slow him down.)

Weapon (Celestial bronze/Imperial gold/Egyptian bronze): CB sword

*Ability to know how to sing any song he hears the music for
*Can instantly pick up on playing any instrument, just by picking it up
*Perfect pitch
*Can dance any type of dance, after learning it once.
*Can make people speak in rhymes, just by touching them. He can do it up to 5 times a topic, and the effects last 6 posts
*Siren power: He sings or does something musical and it attracts people, he can use it to make people do what he wants. He can only do this twice a topic, and the effects last as long as the other character can continue to hear him speak (it’s completely preventable, if a person knows not to look at him, when he starts it). If he does this more than once a topic he gets very weak, and if done any more than twice he risks death because of the mental strain it takes on his brain.

August was born in America, and lived in a small apartment in New York City with his father. At the age of five his father moved them back to his home country of Ireland, which is where August lived until moving to CHB. His grandparents owned a fairly small house on a small Irish Island. August was considered a kind of outcast in his grandparent’s Irish village, he looked more like his goddess mother than his Irish father and living in a mostly catholic village, people thought he was tainted for being born out of wedlock. Nonetheless his grandparents and immediate family accepted him.

Much couldn’t be said for the village people or his classmates. Even though he was fluent in Gaelic, children at school would make fun of him for having an American accent. They would also make fun of him for not looking like his only parent. He had clearly got his looks from his mom, and not his red-headed, blue-eyed father. Some kids even tried to convince him that he was adopted or left on his dad’s doorstep or something.

One group of boys did a lot more than taunt him, they would follow him half-way home and push him around. They started holding him over the side of a cliff to scare him, however one day they actually did drop him, and August fell almost four stories to the bottom of the cliff. The only reason he survived the fall was because it was high-tide and the ocean waters had risen high enough that he landed in the water instead of on a bed of jagged rocks. However, he wasn’t completely unscathed, his ankle got stuck in-between two rocks and broke in such a way that it never healed properly, ironically getting stuck also saved his life because he was able to hold onto a few rocks, and keep from getting taken away by the ocean current.

The group of boys that dropped him over the side of the cliff had been so terrified by what had happened that they assumed he had died, and didn’t tell anyone what had happened. August was stuck in the ocean and rocks for four hours, before his father and grandfather finally realized he wasn’t coming home. The village police started a search of the entire village and island, another two hours of searching had gone by before one of the boys who dropped him confessed to what had happened. They found him, still stuck in the rocks, as it had just recently turned low-tide again. He’s been terrified of heights and water ever since.
At the age of 12 he was discovered by a Sytr and taken to Camphalfblood, where he lives mostly year round, and makes the occasional trip home only to visit his grandparents and father.

[url=]August Nolan[/url] - male - 16 - Child Of Calliope- Frankie

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