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Rowan Davenport Tumblr_nbphxpsjWZ1swtbemo1_250Rowan Davenport Tumblr_nbphxpsjWZ1swtbemo2_250

Name: Rowan Aloisia Davenport
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

God Parent: Bellona
Legacy of: Victoria

Mortal Parent: Michael Davenport. Michael is an ambitious and controlling man. After decades of getting whatever he wanted, his children are dealing with the fallout of what happens when he doesn’t. He and Rowan are on rocky terms. She refuses to live in his home.
Other Family: Full sibling, Liam Davenport. 18yo and1st Cohort Centurion.

Birthplace: New Rome, California, USA
Race: caucasion

Skin color: Fair
Hair color: Brown, short
Eye color: Green
Height: 116lbs
Weight: 5’5”
Body type: Lean/muscular

Personality: Rowan is dealing with the fallout of being a complete failure, according to her father. After years of striving to be perfect for her father, and being met with stony disappointment, she’s left at a crossroads. At one point she’s still desperate to please her father. On the other hand she’s starting to realize its a losing battle. She’s stuck somewhere in between, trying to figure out who her father wants her to be and who she really is. She’s caustic and temperamental these days. Her attitude is what cost her her centurion spot. Every day she thinks about leaving the legion.
Talents: fighting (using a variety of weapons), swimming, memory
Flaws(at least 3): see above

Weapons (Imperial Gold): Imperial gold gladius, compound bow with imperial gold arrows, wooden staves with imperial gold plating.
Abilities: Rowan tires less in battle. It also takes her less time to become proficient using weapons.
Powers: Rowan can instill heroism and strength in a person that she touches. She can do this 4x a topic and the effect fades after 3 posts.

History (At Least Three Sentences): Rowan was born in a beautiful house in New Rome. One would expect a girl that grew up in a house like that to have a very easylife, but that would not be the case. Michael Davenport is an ambitious man, and he expected his children to succeed. At the age of 10, they started training. He would train them in all forms of weapons, in all sorts of scenarios. Sometimes he would rouse them from their beds at 3 am to perform a test of strength. There was even a training room in their basement outfitted with everything the young demigods could need. When she was 14 she became centurion of the 2nd cohort. Two and a half years later she was forced to step down due to an incident between her and a senator.

[url=]Rowan Davenport[/url] - female - 17 - Legionarre - Child of Bellona Legacy of Victoria - 2nd - sarenrae

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